The secrets of the 'nursery' of the selection: Play, piques, "brother"...

Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba They are the first two captains of the selection. They both break into a smile when asked about the nursery who has ridden Luis Enrique for this World Cup. They are the representatives of the generation of champions: Busy of the world and of Europe; Jordi from the 2012 exhibition in kyiv. They are the guide for teammates who a decade ago, when Spain touched the sky of the triplet, were children barely aware of what the national team was doing and for whom sharing objectives with them was science fiction.

If the cards are the entertainment of the most veterans, the play is the main distraction element of the Gavi, Pedri, Eric, Ansu, Nico Williams, Balde, Yeremy… The sprints in front of the screen also have their extension in the gym. Between challenges and jokes, the little ones in the national team have created an environment that someone who has been with the team for a long time assures has rarely been seen. And in that great value is given to the way in which Busquets has assumed the leadership of the group.

From “machine” to “brother”

Each generation has its way of addressing each other. Beyond their names (Mora, for Morata, Carva for Carvajal…), when the kids in this team talk to each other, they do so with their “brother” in front. The champions of everything between 2008 and 2012 had three codes: monster, machine and champions.

Goal by Gavi (5-0) in Spain 7-0 Costa Rica

With the “brother” in the mouth every two by three, Ferran and Pedro they are inseparable. After the match against Costa Rica, the jokes began about the number of requests for interviews that the kids were going to have to deal with these days.

For the ‘guardera’, competitiveness is in her blood. They finish training and stay on the grass playing as if they were still in the schoolyard or on the street. They challenge themselves with games about green, their great passion, which they later transfer to everything they do: Play, darts, table football, table tennis… “It’s like a summer camp”, they say from within to highlight above all the complicity that has been generated in the group and the synergy between players and staff.

Yes Pedro and Ferran they are inseparable, something similar happens with Ansu, Balde, Yeremy and Nico Williams. With Pedro As a master of jokes and loaded with resources to make the spark jump with a short but spicy phrase as his game, everyone in the team is on guard when he appears. morata, the master of rhymes. It is to appear and be on your guard and attentive to see what ends what they have to answer your questions.

With that atmosphere he has entered Spain on the world Cup. The 7-0 to Costa Rica It has been a torrent of good vibrations in a team that was sure that the group created was going to be a vital element to have a great World Cup. “Later we will give it to us, but they are flying,” he assures Luis Enrique to theirs. With his ‘nursery’ and his ‘veterans’, he goes to the end of the world.

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