The song to encourage Argentina in the World Cup that brought together Rusherking, Soledad Pastorutti, Chaqueño Palavecino, Emanero and Pablo Lescano

Some of the country’s most popular artists came together to support the team ahead of next Saturday’s key game against Mexico.

After the unexpected blow suffered by the Argentine National Team in the first match of the World Cup with the 2-1 defeat against Saudi Arabia, the spirit of the Argentines was hurt. For this reason, with the intention of renewing the spirit and inspiring soccer players, the Argentine Soccer Association (AFA) convened Rusherking, Soledad Pastorutti, Chaqueño Palavecino, Emanero and Pablo Lescano to create a song and bank the squad in advance of the key duel on Saturday against Mexico.

wherever you go“, is the name of the song that has already been published on all social networks and that began to add views, messages and likes. In the description, they stated: “This song represents the unconditionality of the Argentine people towards their colors. Today more than never we all have to stick together and we count on you to achieve it”.

With the intention of giving support to the team, a group made up of some of today’s most outstanding musicians got together and recorded a song specially dedicated to the team led by Lionel Scaloni technically.

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“There are voices that reverberate inside me / my blood is changing color / in less than a minute, I cry and laugh / my heart burning like the sun. / Bless even the sacred cry / I will sing until I lose my voice. / I closed my eyes eyes and I asked heaven to please listen to me this time”They are heard singing.

“And history taught me, this is for me, for you / that this is for me, it is for you. / And wherever you go, you know that I accompany you / and even if it is cloudy our sky is always blue. / My love He does not get tired no matter how many years pass / because the person responsible for my happiness is always you”says the chorus.

“The temperature rises when the whistle blows and the game begins / an entire country supporting those 11 warriors / when a Messi escapes and only faces the goalkeeper / Argentina screams remembering Diego’s left foot. / I want to see how the kids run all over the field / everyone knows that the ball doesn’t get stained / while it’s swollen it sings because it supports them / wherever you go I’ll be “keep going.

“And wherever you go, I follow you everywhere / and even if it is cloudy, the sun is always on my flag / My love does not get tired no matter how many years pass / because you are always responsible for my joy”he concludes.


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