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The South American Youth Games were a firm first step towards the Argentine Olympic dream

The athlete Tomás Mondino won two golds in the 100 and 200 meters in Rosario 2022. Photo Twitter @PrensaCOA

As in any sports event in which adolescents (between 14 and 17 years old) participate, in Rosary 2022 the central focus was on educating and further involving young athletes in the sport and inspiring new generations. But this third edition of the South American Youth Games It was, after all, a high-performance competition, which for many will mark the first step on a path that will take them, perhaps, to the Olympic Games. High performance is results, so when it comes to taking stock, medals count. And if we are talking about results, the light blue and white delegation closed their participation in the city of Santa Fe with very positive feelings.

Our country could not improve its position in the general medal table with respect to the previous edition, which had been held in Santiago de Chile in 2017. On that occasion, it had finished third, behind Brazil Y Colombia. The Rosario 2022 classification showed an identical podium, with the national team again on the last step. Nor was the number of gold medals greater (38 in the Chilean event against 31 in Santa Fe), but the final harvest was bigger (eleven more medals). And in addition to confirming the high level of some sports in which Argentina is always the protagonist, there were other disciplines that showed good growth and that are exciting for the future.

Cycling was one of the great “surprises” of Rosario 2022. He contributed three gold medals, two silver and one bronze and a historic 1-2-3 in the mixed time trial relay.

In that competition, champions were crowned Fabrizio Crozzolo Y Juliet Benedetti (who was also silver in the women’s Criterium). seconds left Matthew Duke Cano Y Eliana Tocha (winners of two golds in the male and female Criterium, respectively). and third parties, Alejo Betique Y April Garzon. Thus, our country was first in the general classification of this sport, ahead of Colombia, the great continental power (0-1-0) and Brazil and Venezuela (0-0-1, each).

Artistic gymnastics added five golds, all in the women’s branch. Mia Mainnardithe most outstanding of the team, won three medals of that color in floor, vault and individual all around. isabella ajalla It was gold on beam and uneven bars and bronze on floor and all around. Besides, nicole iribarne He kept the silver in jump. And there was also a silver in the team competition.

In the male branch there was money from Faust Latella on floor; and bronzes of Latella in bar, Thiago Ognibene on pommel horse, Nahuel Pardo in rings and in the team all around.

The light blue and white athletics shone on the track of the Municipal stadiumwhere he won six golds, eight silvers and six bronzes, to finish second behind Brazil, dominator of this sport in the region, which finished with 12-3-8.

The athlete Tomás Mondino won two golds in the 100 and 200 meters in Rosario 2022. Photo Twitter @PrensaCOA

The giltheads came from the hands of Thomas Mondoniwho confirmed his status as favorite in the speed tests and won the 100 and 200 meters; Jose Riba in the 3,000 meters; Giuliana Baigorria in hammer throw; Anelis Korniejczuk in javelin; Y Carolina Scarponi in pole vault.

There was also an outstanding performance by Argentine tennis players, led by Luciana Moyano, one of the flag bearers at the opening ceremony. The woman from Cordoba won gold in the three tests she competed in: singles; women’s doubles with Luisina Giovannini, which was silver in individual; and mixed doubles alongside Lautaro Midonalso second in the men’s singles.

Team sports lived up to the expectations that they always generate in the face of this type of event. Those selected from hockey 5 they climbed to the top of the podium in both branches. The women’s team basketball 3×3 won the gold and the men’s, with Nicholas Chiaraviglio, who carried the flag at the inauguration together with Moyano, the silver. In it rugby 7, he won gold in the men’s tournament and silver in the women’s. The men’s team of futsal also added a silver.

And the boys from beach handball confirmed the great growth of the sport, which was a sensation in its debut at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018and won two gold.

Swimming had a smaller harvest than that of Santiago 2017. From occupying second place in the medal table in that event, with five golds, six silvers and five bronzes, behind Brazil (22-14-10); he went on to finish fifth with two golds (of Dante Nicholas in 50 and 100 breast), one silver and 12 bronzes. He was surpassed by the Brazilian team, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile.

And boxing, a discipline that tends to feed Argentine medals a lot, won two golds (Miracles Quiquinte in the 54-57 kilos category and Daniela Herrera in 57-60 kilos), one silver and four bronzes.

Luciana Moyano, winner of three tennis golds at the Rosario 2022 South American Youth Games. Instagram photo @coargentina

Luciana Moyano, winner of three tennis golds at the Rosario 2022 South American Youth Games. Instagram photo @coargentina

The climbing and the skatewhich were all the rage at last year’s Olympic event in Tokyo, also contributed their share, with a silver of Zoe Garcia in women’s bouldering and another ailin arzua in Street, respectively.

The other Argentine medals came from badminton (two bronzes), fencing (two bronzes), judo (four bronzes), karate (1-2-1), weightlifting (0-1-4), wrestling (0-2-3), figure skating (2-1-0), speed skating (0-0-2), taekwondo (1-0-3), archery (a bronze) , the duathlon (two bronzes) and the beach volleyball (one bronze). The only discipline on the Games program in which Argentina failed to reach the podium was table tennis.

Thus, our country finished third in the medal table with 31 gold, 28 silver and 54 bronze. Brazil was first, as in the two previous editions, with 64 gold, 40 silver and 43 bronze. And Colombia, second, with 34, 32 and 26.

A peculiarity: the girls of the delegation contributed more than half of the national medals. Of the 113 conquered, 62 were in women’s events (19 gold, 17 silver and 26 bronze). In the men’s, 45 were achieved and the remaining six came in mixed competitions.

“Sportingly speaking, Argentina was the protagonist; we are very good, although one would always like to be a little better. But at this age, the central axis is not set on the result, it is important to see where we are to start building the road to high performance We know that in team sports we lead, we have a natural quality, but in individual sports we have to keep growing”, he analyzed Mario Mocciapresident of the Argentine Olympic Committee, in the last days of competition in Rosario.

“We don’t live pending medals, but they reflect the work. These boys showed a level above the average and we have to follow up to be able to project them. We know that there are young people who are staying, but the idea is that those who are reach the elite of their sports in good condition,” he added.

Projecting into the future, this generation of athletes under the age of 18 will be the basis for those who will compete in the 2032 Los Angeles Olympic Games. And the results of Rosario 2022 made it clear that there are sports in which work still needs to be done, but that In general, Argentine sport is on a very good path.

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