The speed involved in the fatal accident which occurred on the ring of Nivelles this morning (Update)

Speed ​​is involved in the fatal accident that occurred Friday morning in the Nivelles ring, said the spokesperson for the Walloon Brabant prosecutor’s office. The road was reopened to traffic around noon. The Walloon Brabant firefighters were called to intervene Friday at 8:38 a.m. on the R24 towards Wavre, at kilometer marker 2.8 in Nivelles.

A collision involving multiple vehicles occurred at this location. A driver born in 1995 lost her life in the accident.

“A vehicle traveling at high speed hit the victim’s car. The latter hit the previous vehicle. Sandwiched, the driver did not survive”, specifies the magistrate of the parquet floor.

Significant traffic disruptions were observed due to the closure of the roadway.

The firefighters finished the road cleaning operations around noon, time at which traffic could be restored.

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