Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo (global look press)

The last time this happened was in 1986 at the World Cup in Mexico. But if then 12 matches were played in the starting round, now in Qatar – 16

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Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo (global look press)

Not a single player was sent off during the opening round, which consisted of 16 matches, at the World Cup in Qatar. The last time this happened in Mexico in 1986, but there the first round consisted of 12 games.

In total, the arbitrators, following the results of the first round of the World Cup in Qatar, showed the players 53 yellow cards. Most of all went to the players of Saudi Arabia (6 yellow cards), who sensationally defeated the team of Argentina (2:1).

The record for the number of yellow and red cards was the World Cup in Germany in 2006. Then, for the entire World Cup, the referees showed the teams 373 cards, of which 345 were yellow and 28 were red. At that tournament, in the Portugal match against the Netherlands, Russian referee Valentin Ivanov showed 16 cards to the players of both teams, which is still a record.

Neymar was injured in the match with Serbia. What happens at the World Cup in Qatar

Brazil striker Neymar

The statistics of issued cards at the World Championships has been kept since 1970. During this time, the players of the German national team received the most yellow cards – 122. Argentines (112) and Brazilians (98) follow. Of the players, the leader of this list is the Argentinean Javier Mascherano – 7 yellow cards.

The next round of the world championship kicks off today with Wales’ match against Iran (13:00 Moscow time).

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