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The actress described a particular situation that she experienced with familiar faces.

Nicolás López in court and Josefina Montané at the launch of Blood Pact.
© ONENicolás López in court and Josefina Montané at the launch of Blood Pact.

After the verdict was delivered on April 26 and while waiting for the Oral Criminal Trial Court (TOP) of Viña del Mar to deliver the sentence in the trial against Nicholas Lopezwho is guilty of two crimes of sexual abuse, more details have now been revealed about the testimonies that were delivered in the process, including the strange experience that Josefina Montané lived.

This Wednesday, Chilevisión aired a report exposing some of the stories that were used as evidence to resolve the filmmaker’s situation.

Among them was that of Montané, who testified against the director, describing an event in which he was involved and that evidenced López’s particular behavior, even in his work meetings.

From what can be heard in the audios, the actress broke down when remembering what happened, stating very affected that “I am a witness to the victims of Nicolás López”.

Nicolás López: What did Josefina Montané say about the director?

So, Pin explained: “They call me to participate in this pilot and I remember that Javiera Díaz de Valdés was recording with Eli Roth”.

“And they begin to kiss each other and I remember that it caught my attention that Nicolás was panting, he looked excited, with heavy breathing”reported input.

Then tell that “I looked at my surroundings and said ‘why nobody does anything, this is not normal’. I remember asking someone ‘are you excited, in front of everyone?’. And they tell me yes, it’s normal for him “.

The sentence against Nicolás López will be revealed next Monday, May 16.

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