The student Ismaël Nuino, new president of "Engaged Generation"ex-young cdH

Ismaël Nuino, a 21-year-old law student, was elected over the weekend as head of the youth federation of the party Les Engagés (ex-cdH), renamed “Génération Engagée”. He was elected to the presidency with 87.2% of the vote, the organization communicated on Wednesday.

The young man is from Charleroi and studies at the ULB (in Brussels), according to the press release sent on Wednesday. His Twitter profile also informs about an activity as a political adviser, specializing in digital matters, at CEPESS, the center for the study of the movement.

Mons municipal councilor Opaline Meunie, local elected member of the “Mons en mieux” list, that of the president of MR Georges-Louis Bouchez, was previously the president of the “Jeunes cdH”. She had announced her resignation from this presidency last December.

The humanist democratic center completed its transformation into “Les Engagés” in March, still under the chairmanship of Maxime Prévot, who however wishes to bring it back into play in the coming months.

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