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Francisco Egas, president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation, insists on the innocence of Byron Castillo’s case, since the Civil Registry of that country validated the player’s nationality. Of course, in 2021 his speech was different: “We must be prudent and see which cases are suitable for the selection,” he said.

Byron Castillo playing against Chile in San Carlos de Apoquindo
© GettyByron Castillo playing against Chile in San Carlos de Apoquindo

Francisco Egas, president of the Ecuadorian Football Federationcommented this Monday on the situation in his country due to the complaint that Chile made about the nationality of Byron Castillowhich seeks to take points away from Guayas to add them to the Red.

In this regard, the director of Ecuafútbol commented that “FIFA is not an authority that can determine the nationality of a player. So if you ask FIFA if he can or cannot play, they will tell you ‘if he is Ecuadorian he can play, if not probably not'”.

Egas adds that “who determines that are the local authorities. It would be different if an official document had been forged for this.”

He also adds that “we take all the precautions of the case, there was a discussion in the country of why the player was not summoned prior to the resolution of his case through the courts.”

For the same reason, he maintains his position firm. “It is the local and competent authorities that determined at one point, in June or July of last year, that the player could be registered as Ecuadorian, after the process of analyzing possible irregularities with his documentation.”

“So we feel calm, we have acted on behalf of the Federation respecting absolutely everything. In fact, we took some time before convening it. There seems to be no other documentation than what we have already known for several years in the country, which was analyzed by the Registry Civil and competent authority, which ended favorably for the player,” said Egas.

Finally, he commented that “we have not been notified of any file, all we know is from the Chilean press. Surely we will have to present arguments, but we are calm about what has been done and what we have analyzed with our lawyers about the Chilean Federation’s complaint” .


In March 2021, Egas spoke with Ecuador’s ECDF 7/10 about a possible call for Castillo to the national team. “We must be absolutely careful with what we do in a case like this. Beyond what a judge may rule or not, the Federation has the absolute power to determine which cases are suitable for the national section and which cases are not.”

He then stated that “the Federation must take great care of its name, take care of its prestige and that of the Ecuadorian soccer team,” making it clear that the issue has always been very complex in Ecuador.

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