The terrible bump of the referee Rapallini to Enzo Fernández, who left the River footballer on the ground and without air

The first minutes were played in Junín between Sarmiento and River, with the typical tensions of two teams that are fighting in the classification for the quarterfinals of the League Cup. And it is known, the best way to counter Gallardo’s team is to live the game with intensity.

Those led by Damonte knew it, who had a stretch of the start playing to the limit, fighting each ball as the last and provoking the surprised reaction of Armani and company.

That stage of the meeting was so stick and stick that the one who ended up hitting hard was… the referee Fernando Rapallini!

The experienced international referee collided with the humanity of Enzo Fernández, who was the loser against the imposing physique of his opponent. Without air, the talented footballer from River stayed for a few seconds on the ground demanding nobody knows what.

As a precaution, Rapallini stopped the game and went to see how the millionaire midfielder was doing, who could barely speak of the pain he felt, breathless, as a result of the blow to his body.

Somewhat annoyed, Enzo accepted Rapallini’s apologies and as the minutes passed he regained his smile. Especially after River prevailed on the scoreboard with authority and dissipated the pressure of the Junín team with a full-throttle first half, closing that interval with a 3-0 partial victory.

And Rapalini? The referee continued directing without complications, the VAR did not call to review his own play although in any case the alleged “infraction” did not merit punishment because it was totally involuntary.

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