The time has come: Gustavo Quinteros confirms that a rotation is coming in Colo Colo with the youth for the National Championship

colo colo could not celebrate despite having everything to do so and took only one point from his visit to Peru. El Cacique equaled 1-1 with Alianza Lima for Copa Libertadores in a thankless game, where he could win by a landslide, but the settlement passed the bill.

John Martin Lucero he did not have his night and missed the clearest chances, but he was not the only one. Gabriel Costa a goal was farreado alone in front of the goal, while the sticks denied the joy to Pablo Solari and Leonardo Gil.

Still chewing the rage for the result, far from what was seen on the field, Colo Colo returned to the country this Friday. In the airport, Gustavo Quinteros He spoke with the media and analyzed everything that happened at the Nacional de Lima.

“We finished tight in Brazil and we were able to finish it in another way. With Alianza here too and yesterday the same thing,” lamented the white coach according to Cooperative Radio. “We took three shots at the posts and missed a penalty, in addition to others we had, but The most important thing in football is to generate more chances than the rival and play better, and we did it“, he added.

Although Colo Colo remains in second place and with the first option to advance to the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, equality between River Plate and Fortaleza leaves his escorts with options. “Now there are games with a candidate for the Cup and another who has been improving in the game”

The time has come for the youth of Colo Colo

During the first part of the season, Colo Colo bet everything on his star formation and put it to the test in the National Championship. This left the under 21 minutes in debt, creating a problem that they will now have to take care of.

Given the wear and tear of the squad and the injuries accumulated so far, the Cacique will have to make a decision about whether or not to rest the stars in the Copa Libertadores. “In four days you can recover much better. It is necessary to see how the affected players are, especially Brayan Cortés and Emiliano Amor, who came with discomfort“, said the DT.

Along the same lines, Gustavo Quinteros confirmed that the time has come for the homegrown players to be starters in the National Championship. “Of course, maybe there will be a change, because we have to start adding youth minutesbut I don’t think a change will make much of a difference, neither for nor against”.

With this, the list composed of Julio Fierro, Eduardo Villanueva, Jeyson Rojas, Daniel Gutiérrez, Pedro Navarro, Bruno Gutiérrez, Vicente Pizarro, Joan Cruz, Alexander Oroz, Luciano Arriagada, Jordhy Thompson, and Damián Pizarro will have its litmus test to sustain the campaign that has the Cacique as leader of the tournament.

Several of those named have already added minutes in the previous tournament and even in this one, but few have enjoyed ownership. The National Championship may be the ideal window for those who have not been considered to be able to show themselves and, why not, fight for a place in the Copa Libertadores eleven.

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