The U-18 avenge that triple by Teodosic with a recital: Spain, to yet another final

ORn Spain – Serbia in Turkey. Anyone who understands basketball will take their eyes to 2010. There, the ‘crazy genius’ of Milos Teodosic executed ‘La Familia’ with an incredible triple. The selection did not defend its crown. That affront is forever, but the wound is closed with recitals like the one by the U-18 in the European semifinals. Sweeping the Balkan power, with a tremendous 60-38.

An unparalleled victory, which puts Spain in yet another final in a magical summer at the training level. Sub-17, Sub-18 and Sub-20. Medals and more medals, which can be closed with a success of the absolute in the next Eurobasket. Among the U-18 boys, being superior throughout the tournament and running a semifinal of 10. With Izan Almansa, man of the summer, in absolute dominance mode.

That yes, the beginning did justice to what is a semifinal. The two nervous teams and the shots did not enter. So much so that until almost two minutes were up he would not open Serbia the scoreboard with a second-chance basket by Milenkovic. He woke up Spain, which from then on would activate the roller mode.

In both baskets, applying a partial of 12-0 in the six different minutes. With two arguments, intense and shallow defense, Izan Almansa multiplied under the hoops (5+5, in the first 10′) and Eddy Pinedo was successful with five points (12-2, 8′). A physical torment for Serbia, coordinated with total mastery of the rebound that Djokovic closed from the corner around the ninth of the game.

The acceleration of Spain

From the first quarter (12-7), Spain left with a good result that could have been better given the sensations. But the feeling of superiority was so remarkable that he soon found himself on the scoreboard. Spain stepped on the accelerator from the first second of the second quarter and killed the game. Almansa, in an incredible state of form, executed with footwork and presence under the hoop, accompanied Alejandro Moreno from the tripleand added that Serbia failed to find baskets (21-7, 13′).

Djokic, a Serbian coach, stopped the game. But the damage was done even though Milijasevic opened the Balkan marker with a good layup in the second half. because the Spain’s intensity in defense and all the solutions provided by Almansa, four points in the final minute before the break (13+7, in the 20th minute), they provided a key difference despite the fact that the score was short for the first half (31-13, 20′) with a tremendous dominance in shooting (35% to 16%) and rebounding (33 to 19) compared to their rival.

the spanish roller

A beating, all the way. Spain surpassed Serbia in all aspects and the third quarter would only make the affront greater. Because the choral work of the Sub-18 also gave an extra point. Pinedo continued to become huge, Almansa added six more (19 points at the end of the third) and the most talented player but the most missing against the Balkans, Jordi Rodríguez, joined with genius from mid-distance. The lead grew from 20 fast and left Serbia with 23 points in the half hour of the game.

Something inappropriate at any age, as a power of the stature of Serbia suffers not to score. And he didn’t do it again until minute 33 with a free kick from Djapa. Spain multiplied, ran and Almansa executed if necessary (21 + 12 + 2 steals + 1 block). A recital worth a medal and gold is the goal after being far superior throughout the tournament. ‘Sweep’ Serbia as an example of what they can give.

The final 60-38 puts Spain in another final of the magical summer. It is even difficult to decide which generation looks better and which will go further. The excessive level continues to have a prize, and, by the way, they compensate for some wound in history. The U-18s avenged that three-pointer on Turkish soil by Teodosic with their own medicine: genius by flag.

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