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Alex Castro made the first call with the South American Women’s Under 17 2024 tournament in mind, which still has no defined venue, and only two players have repeated since the World Cup.

The Under 17 Women's Red begins a new cycle for 2024 with two World Cup players on the squad
© Getty ImagesThe Under 17 Women’s Red begins a new cycle for 2024 with two World Cup players on the squad

It was last October that the Chilean Under 17 women’s team participated in its second World Cup in history. The nationals were eliminated in the group stage after defeating New Zealand 3-1, with goals from Ámbar Figueroa, Tali Rovner and Anaís Cifuentes.

Most of the players in that call were already 17 years old, so they would not continue in the category for the next process, which will be in 2024, with the South American Women’s tournament and its subsequent World Cup, both without a venue to be defined.

This week from November 21 to 24, a new process will begin for the Chilean women’s Under 17 team. Alex Castro will carry out the first microcycle, thinking of the South American, with 29 players who entered the Red’s radar and who will work now that it is about About to finish the formative football tournament.

Only two of the soccer players who went to the India 2022 World Cup will repeat in this call: Anaís Álvarez and Ámbar Figueroa, both midfielders and of the figures of that Red Under 17 team. The rest are only new players entering the new national stage .

Colo Colo is the team with the most players called up, with 11. Goalkeeper Jazmín Labrín, defenses Danahe Sagredo, Caalina Arias, Catalina Barrios and Fernanda Romero. In addition, the midfielders Anaís Álvarez, Consuelo Pino and Isidora Vásquez, to leave the forwards Geraldine Mardones, Heysiu Alfaro and Nicole Carter.

It is followed by Universidad Católica, with five: Isidora Flores, Martina García, Vaitiare Pardo, Fernanda Seguel and Dominique Larenas. Santiago Morning has three (Martina Funck, Pamela Ramos and Ámbar Figueroa), as does Palestino (Catalina Gajardo, Vaythyare Ríos and Lauryn Morales).

Finally, Universidad de Chile has two players called up by the Sub 17: Antonella Casas-Cordero and Isidora Espinoza. The rest of the nominees? One from Audax Italiano (Constanza Pavez), one from Everton (Valentina Vásquez), one from U de Conce (Julieta Melimán), one from Cobresal (Antonella Montenegro) and one from Fernández Vial (Sofía López).

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