The videos about the period pain simulator are back;  men can't take it

ANDhe world is full of curious stories, singular inventions and videos -at least- very striking. Today there has been one of those cases that, due to its inherent conditions, has ended up going viral. After all, seeing a man trying out a period pain simulator is not something that happens every day.

For a few days, menstruation has become one of the most commented topics of the networks under the project that intends to offer a three-day low to those women who suffer and suffer from disabling menstrual pain.

The period pain simulator; they can’t stand it

The curious thing is that the video that we present to you today was very frequent (as a topic) several years ago on TikTok. Today he has returned for this same debate, being a perfect example of the reason why this law has to be approved.

Men try a period pain simulator

In the video, as you may have seen, the reactions are not wasted. In it, when the men activate the simulator and set it to level 10, they writhe in sheer delusionr. Although it is true that we can see several laughs, it is clear that they are having a hard time. Pretty bad.

On the other hand, women do not seem to feel much, exemplifying the pain they can feel during menstruation. In the most outstanding examples we see how they, even, they get to throw themselves on the ground because of the pain they are feeling.

That’s it? My rules are 10 times worse than this“, comes to affirm one of the women who appear in the video. Meanwhile, they can only respond in one way: writhing in pain on the ground… or screaming. Many of them are surprised by the situation, understanding, now I know what it can feel like, they even wonder how they are able to resist it for more than a day or a week.

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