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Weather forecast

Find out in which parts of Chile thunderstorms are forecast and what measures to take to protect yourself.

Electric storm
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The Chilean Meteorological Directorate (DMC) issued a weather warning for probable electric storms for this June 14. There will be two regions of the country that could be affected by this meteorological event from the afternoon to the night of this Tuesday.

It should be noted that the DMC issues warnings when they forecast normal, potentially risky weather phenomena.

Find out all the details below.

In which regions will there be thunderstorms?

According to the DMC, electrical storms could affect the Ñuble and Biobío regionsparticularly the following areas:

  • Cloudy: Coast, Cordillera Costa and Valley
  • Biobio: Coast, Cordillera Costa, Valley and Precordillera.

What to do in a thunderstorm?

According to him Emergency and Disaster Risk Management Department of the Minsal, the risk of being struck by lightning is unpredictable, but measures can be taken to avoid it.

Some recommendations before a thunderstorm are:

  • Secure all the exterior elements around your home that could blow away in a gust of wind.
  • Remove dry leaves, branches and other elements that could become fire risk factor or block drains.
  • withdraw dead trees that can blow over in the wind and cause injury or damage during the development of a storm.
  • secures doors and windows if there is a warning of intense winds.
  • Before the arrival of a storm, unplug electrical appliances of your home. It is not enough to have them turned off.

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