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The women’s team withdrew from the football tournament because of the sexism of teammates

Photo: Matt Roberts / AFL Photos / Getty Images

After a string of racist and sexist scandals involving members of the South Banbury men’s team, 12 players left the women’s team, which led to the removal of the club from the championship in the middle of the season

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Photo: Matt Roberts / AFL Photos / Getty Images

The Australian women’s football team South Banbury was unable to continue in the South West Football League (SWFL) championship due to racist and sexist behavior by male teammates. About it informs ABC.

During the opening of the women’s season, the captain of the men’s team, Mat Giacci, mentioned visiting a strip club, and stated that he “needs bigger pants to be in the company of so many beautiful girls.”

At the end of May, another player on the men’s team insulted fellow Australian Indigenous Hayden Yarran by calling him a yowie. “Yowee is sort of like an ape-like mystical creature from the bush,” Yarran said, adding that he felt at the time that he was “just being called a monkey.”

After that, the head coach of the women’s team, Maxwell Jetta, resigned from the club in protest, followed by 12 players.

Lokomotiv coach was disqualified for two years for words about a monkey

Andrey Voronkov

On June 20, the SWFL announced the team’s withdrawal from the championship after receiving a relevant application. The league called what is happening at South Banbury “unprecedented”.

Team captain Bethany Bond said that the decision to withdraw the team was taken by the board and was not discussed with the remaining players. “Personally, I thought the club had a good culture, but lately I have felt that the board does not give women much importance,” she said.

She added that she herself had not experienced sexism, but she was aware of the statements against teammates.

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