The work of Paul Van den Bulck, new president of the URBSFA, is immense: "I want to be a unifier"

He was elected unanimously on Tuesday, for two years, and the case was concluded “in three minutes”, underlined Peter Bossaert, the CEO of the Belgian Union, who had made this 57-year-old lawyer his candidate.

A mark of confidence which reinforces Paul Van den Bulck in his objectives of bringing together and consolidating the links between all the components of the first sports federation in the country. “I am very honored and happy, but it all starts now and it is not an end,” said the new president. “I took advantage of my year of affiliation to the Belgian Union as an independent director to meet the different parties that I found animated by the same passion and who do their work with heart and my conclusion is simple: let’s work together The federation has become a modern tool, and has given priority to good governance, in good intelligence and was built in the midst of the Covid crisis, it symbolizes this transformation in difficult times”.

Paul Van den Bulck will leave all the operational aspects to Peter Bossaert and will focus on the strategic and representation aspects. “My role is not at all sporting and I play no role in that,” he clarified. “The president is no longer involved in the operational functions and I will be involved in strategic decisions on three axes: gathering, growing and being responsible. I will also take care to ensure a good dynamic between all the organs of the Belgian Union (the Board of Directors, General Assembly, Executive Committee, Pro League, Voetbal Vlaanderen, ACFF) while keeping them each independent by ensuring that they operate in a collaborative way”.

Peter Bossaert: “I’m proud of my candidate, it’s an important day for the federation”

Peter Bossaert did not hide his pride at having seen “his” candidate elected unanimously on Tuesday by the Board of Directors as President of the Belgian Union. ‘This is an important day for the Belgian Union. He is the first independent president and in a personal capacity, the CEO of the Belgian Union launched to Paul Van den Bulck: “I appreciate you very much and it warms my heart to work together.”

The general manager of the Belgian Union will work on the operational aspects, and the daily tasks. The president will have a more strategic and operational role. “It is the conclusion of a process of good management which lasted four years from the changes of statutes in 2018 where we laid the foundations on which the new federation was built with a separation of roles between council of administration and management”, recalled Peter Bossaert. “Before 2018, there was a de facto association and an asbl, which were dissolved. Before, there were two CAs, now there is only one with less than 10 members instead of 12 editor’s note) and with a reduction in the duration of terms of office (2 years)”.

Peter Bossaert was also happy about the future prospects of the Belgian Union. “The development of football on the pitch in recent years had to be coupled with an evolution of the federation. This is what is happening with development in business, digital and other components. We we have gone from a sports federation to a sports company. I am proud to announce Paul Van den Bulck as our new president because he has the perfect profile with his experience and his personality to make the link internally and externally It will allow us to develop in the direction that we have chosen to develop”.

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