TheBoys |  The comic is always more brutal: What you will NOT see in chapter 3x06 Herogasm

It has been profiled as one of the most scandalous chapters of TheBoys, to the point that those responsible have barely been able to promote it with a couple of images due to the high content for adults that it will include -or at least that is the promise. The time has come for the sixth episode of the third season (3×06) of the Prime Video series, which is titled as herogasm.

The bar is high for the series because of how controversial they have promised the chapter will be, especially because you don’t have to go very far if we talk in terms of disturbing scenes: it is enough to remember that in the first chapter of the current cycle, one of the superheroes shrank to such a tiny point that he could enter the member of another seeking to give him pleasure during a wild party; the problem was that in the middle of the task, the cocaine that he had previously consumed caused him to sneeze that returned him to his real size, causing the explosion and instant death of his partner in adventures.

With that reference point, this new installment of TheBoys should take things even further to the limitespecially considering that Jensen Ackles recently told Variety that “even the director didn’t know what he was shooting. Our crew seemed traumatized.”

“I was working that day and I went up to our cameraman who was eating a sandwich off set and I said, ‘How are you?’ And he was like, ‘Well, I saw something crazy today!'”he added.

the creator of TheBoys Eric Kripke raised expectations for the episode even higher, assuring that “It’s illegal in like four countries”. In addition, revealing that he himself had to hold back and edit scenes that were too long for the executives to approve his inclusion in the season.

The producer assured that if such management had not been carried out, the chapter could well have earned “an X rating”.

To this is added that by sharing the brief advance, from the production they indicated “this is the only previous material that the legal team allowed us to show”:

TheBoys | What arc of the comic inspires chapter 3×06, herogasm?

herogasm is a spin off of the main comic of TheBoyscreated by Garth Ennis, John McCrea Y Keith Burnswhose story is told in an arc of six installments, whose events occur between numbers #30 and #31 of the original series.

The premise revolves around the infiltration of The Boys in herogasman annual party for superheroes sponsored by Vought, allowing them to take a vacation and de-stress from their public duties.

But so that the public does not panic, the absence of the super powerful figures is covered with a false space crisisbefore a supposed alien threat.

The retreat is on an island in the middle of nowhere, where basically EVERYTHING is allowed: alcohol, prostitutes, drugs of all kinds, orgies and many other things that obviously end up with multiple incidents due to lack of control.

This is what the very description of this comic book story promises: “An evil so deep that it threatens all of humanity… the planet’s mightiest heroes unite to defend us all… a secret crisis of a purpose so absolute that a countdown to civil war or infinity seems inevitable… But have you ever wondered what really happens during Crossovers?The Seven, Payback, Teenage Kix, Fantastico and all the other supers on Earth come together for a annual event like no other…and where the supers go, can a certain ‘five complications and a dog’ be left behind?”

In the background, Sodom and Gomorrah with superpowers, through one of the most explicit stories of the tour of TheBoys.

What you will NOT see in chapter 3×06 of The Boys. (Photo: Dynamite Comics)

The Boys 3 | What scenes do not appear in chapter 3×06, Herogasm?

Herogasm serves as a calling card in the comics for Soldier Boy, who rises as a small-time superhero who seeks at all costs to join The Seven, that includes the possibility of maintaining relationships with Homelander.

However, this was confirmed as a scene that will not jump to the screen, since the adaptation has taken another course. One in which Soldier Boy has teamed up with Butcher to take down The Patriot.

Secondly, The Boys team in their Herogasm infiltration discovers Vought’s attempts to infiltrate the White House, seeking to have definitive control, in addition to uncovering that The Seven were related to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers. Something that does not seem out of place now, but when the numbers were published the wound of the attacks remained open, because even Osama bin Laden had not yet been captured.

The responsibility of the Supes in the attacks of 11-S will not be included in the series either, since not even hints of these links have been insinuated in the story.

It remains to be seen what will happen to that scene where Black Noir “does things” to Hughie.since when Campbell ends up kidnapping a secret service agent, he later has a confusing encounter with the silent member of The Seven.

The superhero takes him and pulls down his pants, it is unknown exactly what he does to him but it is clear that it was not a good thing, since Hughie ends up screaming and obviously traumatized.

Still, Kripke promised that this jump from panel to screen is “as raunchy and amazing” as fans are expecting.

What you will NOT see in chapter 3×06 of The Boys. (Photo: Dynamite Comics)

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