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“There are other referees”, Lindoso ‘comes out of the house’ and detonates refereeing performance in Athletico x Ceará

“There are other referees”, Lindoso 'comes out of the house' and detonates refereeing performance in Athletico x Ceará

This Saturday (7th), the Ceará traveled to Curitiba to face Athletico Paranaense. In great performance by the goalkeeper João Ricardowho defended a penalty kick from David Terans, in the second stage, Vozão ended up being defeated by the score of 1 to 0, with a goal scored by Abner Vinícius, right after the break.

The players from Ceará talked a lot with the referee during the match, questioning several markings by Leandro Pedro Vuaden. Shortly after the match, midfielder Rodrigo Lindoso commented on the referee’s performance, in addition to the capital moves of the duel, such as the penalty scored by Vitor Roque.

“But it really got really stung, not in relation to the foul, but what our referee did today. With all due respect, we never talk about refereeing, but today it took me from the real serious because the first foul he had from PH (Pedro Henrique) here. We saw their midfielder who fouled me and had already made a hard foul on Vina in the first half. With less than 10 minutes of play, he has already warned João not to delay the game as we need the victory too. In the second bid, he already gives the yellow card and it took until the 45 to give it to the Athletico player”, he said.

“A very choppy game. I believe that, despite a very different turf, the strong opponent at home that was not having a good moment until today’s game, I believe that we played the best game. We created more chances. I think the numbers are there in terms of finalization. I even had two. But there was still doubt about the penalty. There was a mistake, which happens, until João managed to defend”, he added.

“That doubt remains for our referee today. Gaucho, it’s not that far, we’re in the South. There are other referees from Brasília, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro who could officiate this match. But, I think that, regardless of the result, our team surrendered, it was a game play, we created a lot, it is to continue working that fourth has the Copa do Brasil ”, he concluded.

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