These are the 10 operations that have the market in suspense

The transfer market has already left several high-profile transfers:Erling Haaland (Manchester City), Aurlien Tchouamni (Real Madrid), Darwin Nez (Liverpool), Antonio Rdiger (Real Madrid)…

There is, however, a tense wait. There are several cracks that have the market in suspense. Some end the contract on June 30, others have already publicly expressed their desire to change the scene and there is a ‘third leg’ that, for now, remains silent. We review, below, the most desired players who, for now, have an uncertain future.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The future of Cristiano Ronaldo has been a constant throughout the entire season at Old Trafford. Ralf Rangnick, before leaving Manchester United, made it clear that his continuity was not guaranteed: “He has one more year on his contract, but it is important to know what he wants and if he wants to stay. It is the decision of both Erik (Ten Hag) and Cristiano.”

He has one more year on his contract, but it is important to know what he wants and if he wants to stay.

Ralf Rannick

The rumors, with the passing of the days, have been lowered. His performance is beyond doubt: he scored 24 goals (18 in the league and six in the Champions League) last season. However, the former Real Madrid player does not seem to have the full approval of Ten Hag. Nor is it clear that Cristiano wants to continue with the team outside the Champions League. CR7’s desire is to continue to expand his status as the historical top scorer (140 goals) and as the player with the most appearances (183) in the Champions League.

Rangnick: “The future of Cristiano? That question is for Ten Hag…”

louis surez

‘El Pistolero’ is another of Atlático’s ‘legends without a badge’. He arrived free from Barcelona and leaves, after two seasons, with a balance of 34 goals and six assists in 83 games. Goals that were worth a title. “Winning a league with Atltico is something inexplicable,” he says.

Winning a league with Atlético is something inexplicable

louis surez

At 35, his contract ends and he left the Wanda Metropolitano in tears. ‘Girlfriends’ are not lacking. His future, however, is unknown. It has sounded for River Plate, for Fenerbahe, for Atalanta, for Aston Villa, for Ajax, for MLS… even for Sevilla. The ex of the Barcelona has not spoken, but it seems that it gives priority to continue in Europe.

Luis Surez says goodbye to Atlético de Madrid with a letter and a video

Say Mara

‘El Fideo’ left the Parque de los Prncipes with honors. The ex of Rosario Central, Benfica, Real Madrid and Manchester United he leaves as the top assistant (119 assists) in PSG history. He has also added 93 goals in 295 games.

The uncontrollable tears of Di Mara after scoring his last goal with PSG

But Di Mara has ‘rope for a while’ and is looking for new challenges as a leading actor. At PSG, the signings of Messi, Neymar and Mbapp had stolen a certain share of prominence. The 34-year-old Argentine has finished his contract and is free to sign for any club. It seemed, in fact, that he had it done with Juventus. The possible interest of Barcelona, ​​however, could have slowed down the agreement.

Ousmane Dembl

The ‘Dembl case’ remains on ‘stand by’. Xavi Hernndez keeps insisting that he renew… but Barcelona doesn’t budge. His contract ends on June 30 and with each passing day he moves a little further from the Camp Nou.

Dembl opened the scoring in Australia… and scored his last goal for Bara?

His final stretch of the season, without injuries, has been outstanding. So far in 2022 he has added two goals and 11 assists. In the winter market he was close to Chelsea and the ‘blues’ remain the team most interested in getting his services. He has also been linked on a recurring basis with Paris Saint-Germain. His friendship with Mbapp could be an incentive for him to stop at the Parque de los Prncipes.

Gareth Bale

The three players who finished contract with Real Madrid (Isco, Marcelo and Bale) find themselves in a similar situation: awaiting destiny. The most anomalous case is that of Gareth Bale. It was rumored that he could continue in LaLiga. He was linked to Atlético and even Getafe, a winger that the Welsh footballer neg. “I’m not going to play for Getafe,” he assured.

Bale’s mocking laugh with his ‘signing’ for Getafe: “That’s for sure not…”

In the case of Bale there is no reliable clue. It is not known whether to choose to return to the Premier League, whether to choose another competitive League or whether to bet on an exotic destination. He only has one thing in mind: to get ready to lead Wales in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Frank Kessi

His case goes hand in hand with that of Andreas Christensen. The two end contract in June, the two seemed signed by FC Barcelona… but the announcement of their hiring is dilating in time. One thing is certain: his cycle at Milan is over.

Milan maintains the leadership of Serie A… from the penalty spot

And all the way up. The 25-year-old Ivory midfielder contributed six goals in 31 games for Milan to win back the ‘Scudetto’. The secrecy that surrounds his future does not seem to change his destiny: all roads lead to the Camp Nou.

paulo dybala

The ‘Joya’ is on its way to starring in one of the summer’s big hits. He did not reach an agreement with Juventus to renew his contract and is free. He has been linked with the Premier, with Barcelona, ​​with Atlético… but he could stay in Italy.

Dybala, 28, is considering exchanging Juve… for Inter! “We are hopeful that Dybala can play for Inter”,Giuseppe Marotta has assured, delegated administrator ‘neroazzurro’. It should be remembered that Marotta already coincided with the ex-Palermo player in Turin.

Robert Lewandowski

The ‘Lewy’ is, for now, the ‘soap opera’ of the summer. And it looks like it’s going to go a long way. The 33-year-old Polish attacker has already reiterated, actively and passively, his intention to leave Munich. “I have asked Bayern for the go-ahead for a transfer,” It has been recognized. However, the Bavarian box holds the pulse and does not seem willing to facilitate the exit.

Lewandowski: “My cycle at Bayern is over”

His possible destination, although he has not made it public, is clear: FC Barcelona. Joan Laporta tries to streamline the “financial levers” so that his signing is viable. “It is one of the options. He has already said publicly that he wants to leave. There are some negotiations involved. It won’t be easy being Bayern, but it’s one of the options,” admitted Xavi Hernndez.

It is one of the options. He has already said publicly that he wants to leave. There are negotiations through

Xavi Hernandez

Raheem Sterling

The English winger, 27, He has lost prominence under Pep Guardiola in recent times and is looking for a way out. He arrived in 2015 from Liverpool for 63.7 million and City will not put many obstacles… if a good offer arrives. He only has one year left on his contract and that gives Sterling a certain position of strength. to negotiate his transfer.

Guardiola’s forcefulness with the Sterling case: “Don’t ask me…”

The main interested in Sterling is City’s direct competitor in the Premier League: Chelsea. The winger likes Thomas Tuchel a lot. According to Fabrizio Romano, the first offer (25 million plus bonus) was rejected. Instead, City will gladly accept a new proposal worth 55-60 kilos.

lvaro Morata

The Spanish attacker finds himself at a new crossroads after Juventus would not execute its purchase option, set at 35 million. The ‘Vecchia Signora’ is working on lowering the price of the transfer, since Morata is to Allegri’s liking, but Atlético is not up to the task.

Morata speaks for the first time about Bara’s interest

In the Metropolitan, to this day, he has no place. His relationship with Simeone is not ideal after his departure two seasons ago. He is destined to leave. In recent times it has been pointed out from England that Arsenal would be interested in signing him to replace the casualties of Lacazette and Aubameyang in the winter market.

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