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At Redgol we inform you about the winning numbers of the last draw of the Lotus No. 4880.

Accumulated Lotto Draw with 6,400 million
© agency oneAccumulated Lotto Draw with 6,400 million

One of the most anticipated raffles by Chileans is the of the Lotus, which is carried out three days a week delivering millionaire pots of money. details of draw number 4880.

Lotto Winning Numbers 4880 Thursday, November 20

Last Thursday the third weekly draw for the lotus number 4879, which it did not leave winners with the 6 main numbers. Therefore, there will be $6,400 million to distribute this Sunday night

The results of draw No. 4880 will be published in the next few hours.

Despite this there are other winners in the different categories of the draw, although with smaller amounts. This is because in addition to the Lotto, the Chilean Charity Chicken grants different prizes such as: Recharged, Revenge, Retirement, Retaliation and Multiply.

The culture of raffles in Chile remains in force, this since its foundation in 1934 the Chilean Charity Cock is the company in charge of managing games of chance in our country with its headquarters located in the capital.

Check out HERE all the categories of the raffle

What are the winning categories of the Lotto?

  • LOTTO 6 hits

  • Super Quina 5 hits + wild card

  • Win 5 hits

  • Super Quaterna 4 hits + wild card

  • Quatern 4 hits

  • Super Terna 3 hits + wild card

  • Terna 3 hits

  • Super Pair 2 hits + wild card

  • RELOADED 6 hits



  • RETIREMENT $1,000,000

  • RETIREMENT $1,000,000

  • RETIREMENT $500,000

  • RETIREMENT $500,000

  • RETIREMENT 50 YEARS $1,000,000

What days are the lotto draws held?

The lotto draw is held on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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