"They have given him better football": DT de Colo Colo recognizes the improvement of Alianza Lima

Lima Alliance rescued a point this Thursday night in his match against colo colofor the fourth day of Group F of the Libertadores Cup. The final result was 1-1, in a match that was played at the National Stadium and in which the ‘Intimates’ played a better second half compared to what they did in the first half.

Beyond the clear change in the complement, from the ‘Cacique’, his coach Gustavo Quinteros recognized the progress of the Victorian team throughout the South American competition, after four disputed dates.

“Alianza improved during the tournament. When he played with a line of five, he was more solid defensively, but he proposed less. Today, they have given him better football”Quinteros pointed out in the usual press conference after the confrontation in Lima.

Of course, Quinteros confessed that the match ended with “with anger and anguish” because he felt that Colo Colo deserved “much more”. “We are still digesting the tie, we lost two points, we had more options to score, we missed a penalty. We are quite bitter about the result, we are satisfied with the game, it was played well. We could have defined in the first half and we couldn’t “expressed the DT.

The Bolivian nationalized Argentine, on the other hand, highlighted his team’s ability to generate goal situations and said he hopes they will be more effective in the following games.

“This team generates football and clear situations, when the players are more precise we are going to ensure the results in another way. We are satisfied with the operation, we hope that in the next games we can achieve it”, said.

The tie served for Alianza Lima to get its first point in the series, although this does not prevent it from coming out of last place, with practically no chance of qualifying for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, although with the illusion of being third to reach the South American Cup.

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