This is how Madrid intimidates... and one step away from the title

ORn brutal physical display gave the real Madrid the third point of the Endesa League final (81-66) and placed him one step away from the title. You can hug him this Sunday in the heat of a WiZink Center that touched incandescence. The whites they overwhelmed Barça based on intensity. So much so that, with the game already on track in the last quarter, there were some consecutive plays in which the azulgranas were unable to pass the midfield. A sample of what lived in the Jasikevicius’s first defeat in the madridista fiefdom since directing Barça.

Data sheet

  • 81 – Real Madrid (21+25+20+15): Hanga (7), Causeur (13), Deck (14), Yabusele (9) and Tavares (10) -initial team-, Núñez, Rudy Fernández (3) , Abalde (2), Poirier (6), Llull (10), Ndiaye (2) and Taylor (5).
  • 66 – Barça (16+23+14+13): Calathes (10), Higgins (3), Exum (5), Mirotic (9), Sanli -initial team-, Davies (8), Sergi Martínez, Smits (5 ), Laprovittola (6), Abrines (3), Kuric (15) and Jokubaitis (2).

This energy of Madrid it was also evident in two statistics. The numbers do not always explain the development of the meeting, but this time. The 15 attacking rebounds for the madridistas, translated into 15 second-chance points for none of his rival. And the 19 losses that Barça accumulated. Impossible to carry out a game with such loads.

Was a choral triumph of the whiteswho had six players reaching the ten in PIR. highlighted Deck (14 points and five rebounds), Tavares, Poirier (6+10) Y Yabusele (9+9) per muscle. Tremendous domain of the hoops of the two French, with five offensive rebounds per beard. Causeur (13 points) and Llull, meanwhile, put the class. In the azulgranas, with their referents Mirotic, Higgins and Davies off or missingwere Kurik (15) Y Calathes (10) who tried to pull the car. Little to take it to destination.

Another white good start

The beginning was again white, with great team gamestriking towards the rival hoop and with a good defense that only allowed Barça to score one of their first eight shots. It had to be Calathes who lit the way with tickets to lead a partial of 0-7 that turned the scoreboard (11-12). That was the last advantage the visitors had.. The party, before the exterior mistake, was played inside. And there the whites ruled, who hit back with a 10-2 taking advantage of the losses of his rival. At the end of the first quarter, 21-16 with eight locals already scoring.

in the second act Kuric intoned, who added eight points in a row. But Barça began to accumulate problems. Exum, returned and holdercommitted the third fault, losses were piling up until reaching the 11 o’clock break before the defensive intensity of Madrid, Mirotic did a couple of airballs and the azulgranas were unable to close the rebound. Five offensive players caught the whites in this period.

All this and an unsportsmanlike Sanli caused a local pull until 34-26. The rants by Jasikevicius followed one another without success and five points followed by causeur and a great movement Rudy that ended in triple led the difference up to 10 points (44-34, min. 19).

The Barça clings to Kuric

Barça found oxygen in the forced fouls by Laprovittola and another absurd one by Yabusele in the last second he gave away three free throws to Davis (46-39). The bell had come in handy for the azulgranas, but things changed little after the break. In fact, between Tavares and Deck they put up a maximum of 13 points (55-42, min 23). Kuric acted as a visiting float and led a 0-8 that was one of the last signs of life for his team.

Madrid had forgiven once, but would not do so a second time. Before the third lack of Tavares, Poirier appeared, who became a colossus for, taking advantage of the attacking rebounds, leave the lead again at 13 in the absence of the last period (66-53). The coup de grâce was a 6-0 run. The whites, all energy, were a nuclear power plant. Yabusele abused the rim with a mate after an offensive rebound to put the maximum at 72-53.

Barça, without ideas or strength, did not score in more than three minutes and disintegrated. With the match resolved they appeared Núñez and Ndiaye, who put a basket on the half turn. A great end to the party. Advance of a major? We will see. This is not over, but Madrid is one win away from a title that was unthinkable not long ago.

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