This is how the Red Devils solve the ban on colorful warm-up shirts (and the word 'LOVE') in Qatar

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FIFA has banned the Red Devils from using their colorful warm-up shirts this World Cup because of the link with Tomorrowland. Does that give the material men of the union a headache? It’s not too bad: the Belgians will wear a white jersey during the warm-up, that equipment is already in Qatar.

Pieter-Jan Calcoen, Ludo Vandewalle and Jürgen Geril in Doha

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The Red Devils will not loosen their muscles like a colorful gang. FIFA has banned the conscious warm-up shirts. Until now it was unclear why. Our editors spilled it: FIFA relies on ‘third party branding’. This means that FIFA believes that the Belgian federation is making hidden advertising for Tomorrowland, with whom the RBFA developed the kit. However, there is no reference to Tomorrowland on the warm-up shirt, in contrast to the white away shirt (the word ‘LOVE’ in the collar).

For the material men of the association, the decision of FIFA was a draw through the bill. But luckily there was soon a logical solution. There are also white warm-up shirts in Qatar, which the Red Devils will now use as standard. It’s a bit more boring, but there’s no other way.

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‘LOVE’ in the collar of the white equipment is also seen by FIFA as hidden advertising. There is something more to be said for that (but not too much), because it is indeed a direct reference to Tomorrowland. Adidas had taken into account a ‘njet’ and gave the material men of the union stickers to cover the logo. Remarkable: the feedback from FIFA only came well after the trip to the Middle East.

In any case, the RBFA has enough equipment for the World Cup. Even if the Red Devils made it to the final, there should not be any major problems in terms of logistics.


Do the Red Devils have to make a statement before the match against Canada? What do you think?

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