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The coach of Timão vented about criticism at a press conference and highlighted the importance of rotation

Gabriel Machado/AGIF.  Vítor Pereira makes a long outburst about his work method at the head of Timão
Gabriel Machado/AGIF. Vítor Pereira makes a long outburst about his work method at the head of Timão

Vítor Pereira is tired of the criticism about the rotation of athletes on the field by Corinthians. Even with the 1-0 victory over Goiás, this Sunday (19), for the Brasileirão, the Portuguese coach vented about the ‘bits’ given in his work regarding an ideal starting team and didn’t mince words.

I wish they wouldn’t play with my work. Let’s imagine this team that they idealize that will play all the matches: Willian was out of some games, like today (Sunday) with muscle discomfort. And he hasn’t played the 90 minutes. Jô is out of the club. Renato Augusto left with muscle problems. We take care of him. Fagner was injured and was out for 11 games. John Victor too. Gil had to play a consecutive series of matches and today he got injured. Fábio Santos doesn’t believe he can play every three games“, started.

The coach also praised the participation of the boys from the Corinthian base in the fight for leadership and revealed their importance for the team’s position today. “Who comes with this conversation (to always play with the ideal team) must be kidding me and my job. They are not looking at reality. If we didn’t have the kids (young people), with some gaming experience, Corinthians was fighting relegation. That’s my opinion and that’s the truth. But people don’t want to see the truth. If I play with the ideal team three or four times, I will have a lot of injuries. This is playing with my work. We need to be intellectually honest“, he blurted out.

Corinthians’ sequence of games will be complicated in the coming weeks and filled with knockout matches, both in Libertadores and in the Copa do Brasil. With the medical department with many players, Vítor Pereira has a difficult mission ahead. “The calendar is what it is. I cannot change. To have a competitive team every game, I needed to have a much more extensive squad, with players who could provide a high level of physical response. I look at other teams and the weapons are very different. We cannot compare with the incomparable. I’ve done what I can. Today, to make substitutions, I wanted a left winger, but I don’t have it and I had to use Piton. I’m getting a little tired of discussing some things (rotation)”, he concluded.

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