This is Us 6 |  How did the relationship between Rebecca and Miguel start?

This is Us, one of the most successful and most talked about series in recent years, is very close to broadcasting its final chapter, which will undoubtedly leave fans of the Fox production moved, as has been the tone of the entire series.

In the most recent chapter entitled “Miguel” a great unknown is revealed that has been present in history during its six seasons. How do I start the relationship between the character of Jon Huertas Y Rebecca (Mandy Moore).


Miguel was best friends with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), Rebecca’s late husband.who becomes her second husband in flashforwards, but that’s not all, the episode also provides a glimpse into the character’s life in his youth.

The man born and raised in Puerto Rico moved with his family to Pennsylvania in his youth. In the North American country, Miguel often practiced his English, however, his father considered that he was losing his Latin roots. After this, he goes to a bar where he meets his friend Jack and his new girlfriend Rebecca, with whom he doesn’t get along very well initially.

That night he meets a woman with whom he marries and has two children, however, the relationship goes through difficult times culminating in a divorce.

The years continue to pass and while browsing Facebook, Miguel comes across a picture of Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) with a newborn Tess and realizes that Rebecca is tagged, so he sends her an internal message.

How did Miguel and Rebecca’s relationship start in This is Us?

After constantly DMing each other, the two begin to communicate through calls and given the opportunity to travel to Pennsylvania for work, Miguel asks to meet up.

They both get together for dinner and have a deep conversation about their lives, where Miguel reveals that he doesn’t know if his decision to move to Houston almost a decade ago was correct since the first time he felt homesick in his life was when he said goodbye to her.

After sharing a romantic kiss, the couple begins a relationship without telling their close ones yet. After several months together, they both decide that Thanksgiving will be the perfect time to reveal it to the family.

Unfortunately for them they are caught kissing by Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Kate (Chrissy Metz). Randall, for his part, does not support his mother’s new relationship at first, but eventually, seeing how his father’s best friend behaves with his mother, they end up accepting him.

After showing himself to be an ideal companion for Rebecca, as he cares for and protects her, even though his own health is failing.

In the final scenes, the family is seen gathered behind the apple tree they planted to spread Miguel’s ashes.

The sixth season is available on Star Plus.

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