This is Us |  When is the final chapter of the series broadcast?

The This is Us series arrived on September 20, 2016, was created by Dan Fogelman, this year 2022 will come to an end.

This is Us is a series that mixes elements of comedy and drama, and in which the characters must deal with the difficult aspects of life, proving that love is an unstoppable force and that humans are capable of resisting more than they think.

This provocative and honest series follows a rather unusual group of people who suddenly find their lives intertwined with each other in the most intriguing ways possible. exploring their own conflicts, deprivations and difficulties. They soon discover that many of them share common elements in their lives (some of them have birthdays on the same day), even more than any of them could expect.

The series is currently available on streaming Star+ and Amazon Prime Video.

When does the final episode of the This is Us series premiere?

The final episode of This is Us premieres on May 24.

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