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Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton during a press conference on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. © Sergei Grits/AP/dpa

A film project with Lewis Hamilton and a record that Fernando Alonso is now snatching from Michael Schumacher – which Formula 1 is talking about off the track during the guest appearance in Azerbaijan.

Baku – Lewis Hamilton is now also a film producer. These plans provided a topic of conversation in the paddock before the eighth round of the Formula 1 season in Baku on Sunday.


For his film project with Oscar winner Brad Pitt, Lewis Hamilton does not want to be in front of the camera himself. “I don’t plan on appearing in it,” said the 37-year-old. The Mercedes driver is one of the producers for the flick, directed by Joseph Kosinski, whose film Top Gun: Maverick is a box office hit. Superstar Pitt is said to play a Formula 1 driver. “It’s a really cool project, I’m super excited,” Hamilton said. The Briton emphasized that his goal is to ensure diversity in front of and behind the scenes. In addition, the film should radiate “real racing spirit”.

perennial favourite

Michael Schumacher breaks another record in Baku. From now on, Fernando Alonso is the driver with the longest period of time between his debut and his last Formula 1 race. The Spaniard contested his first Grand Prix in Australia in March 2001, 7770 days ago on Sunday. The Alpine driver surpassed Schumacher’s previous record by seven days.


Sergio Pérez is on a roll. After his Monaco victory, Red Bull also announced the extension of the contract with the Mexican until the end of 2024. “I’m glad we’ve clarified that. It takes so much focus and energy to be at 100 percent on a race weekend,” said the 32-year-old, referring to the discussions about his future that ended early. According to Pérez, the question of whether he will have to continue to subordinate himself to the interests of world champion Max Verstappen at Red Bull in the future has also been clearly answered: “It’s not in my contract that I can only come second.”

deep in shape

Despite growing criticism over his disappointing results, Daniel Ricciardo is confident of his future at McLaren. “My contract with the team is clear until the end of next year. I’m going to give it my all, that’s what I said,” said the Australian. The 32-year-old recently missed out on points three times and has collected 37 points less than team-mate Lando Norris. He was by no means satisfied with that, Ricciardo assured. “I won’t make myself comfortable in 13th place. Of course I want better results,” said Ricciardo. dpa

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