This is what women like to have done to them in bed, according to a well-known sexologist

hToday there are very original ways to have sex, since each person is a world when it comes to having it. But in this case we are going to talk about the role of women and about what they like to be done in bed, because there are somewhat naughty things that they want to know and try. In this case, Let’s talk from the point of view of sexologist Tracey Coxwho has been listening to the opinions of her clients for many years and has now shared them with the public.

Some ideas can be somewhat surprising and others not so much, but in this article you can know how to improve in bed with your girl, or with any other girl, because nowadays it is fashionable to have sex without a partner. Here’s what women want done to them in bed according to Tracey Cox.

What do women like the most in bed?

  • Most women want men to be fun in bed, have a good sense of humor, and even call them ‘dirty’ to get more arousal.
  • That in certain cases the man is not so rude, so as not to cause pain.
  • The man doesn’t have to ejaculate until the woman orgasms, because obviously the ‘party’ shouldn’t end until both are satisfied.
  • Let them shower before having sex, especially if there is not much trust and oral sex is expected.
  • Sometimes, they miss that they do not use lubricant, which would make everything more pleasant and less painful.
  • Women don’t like men asking them to put condoms on them. Women don’t see this as sexy or necessary.
  • Most men sometimes do not seem to perceive the signals that women send them, and it is something that bothers them.
  • Let them base their sexual techniques on porn.
  • The size of the member does not matter, because every penis is fine as it is. Some will like it larger and others less.
  • Most women don’t care if men have pubic hair.
  • Women like to try new things in bed, such as games.

The therapist has also revealed what are the things they desire in bed and they don’t get them:

  • Men hate when women talk about the size of the penis, although on the other hand, if women like it, they do want to hear their words.
  • Most men don’t like that the use of a vibrator in sex between the two of them is commonplace.
  • Men want women to take the initiative in sex on many occasions and practice all kinds of positions.
  • Although most men don’t notice when she’s faking it, there are many who do, but in the end it’s more demotivating for them.
  • That the masturbations are stronger, because sometimes women make them too soft.
  • Do not touch or lick the testicles and the penis, which are things that most women do not do.

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