"This Real Madrid, in this Champions League, lost at home against the Sheriff"

A the doors of a new league day but still withReal Madrid’s victory against Manchester City among the hottest topics of today, The tribe has closed the week with Ral Varela at the head and the participation of Gonzalo Mir, Luis García, Pablo Pinto, Pipi Estrada, Dami Vidagany and Yon Cuezva.

Gonzalo Mira. “There are footballing things about Madrid that can be explained. Beyond the ability they always have to believe in comebacks, which you have to take credit for, there are footballing things. City showed at the Metropolitano that when a team goes for it, suffer.”

Paul Pinto. “You have to take your hat off, you have to applaud and praise him. Rectify? He has been telling what was happening. This Real Madrid, in this Champions League, lost at home against the Sheriff. It was a team that aroused doubts and has been awakening them in all the eliminatory ones, it has not devastated”.

Damian Vidagany. “Ancelotti has managed to raise the competitive level of the team a lot compared to Zidane. He has been able to extract oil from his squad, which is not the best in Spain. Atltico de Madrid, man for man, had to have been at a very high level.” Real Madrid, with these players, who seemed to be the opening act for Mbapp waiting for the French 7 era to begin, has done this and it must be given credit. nobody believes it. It is fair to recognize that it has been an incredible season”.

The Tribe (05/06/2022)Radio BRAND

The template, up for debate

On whether the players who Ancelotti has in its squad, the tribunes also wanted to give their opinion on the matter.

Pippi Estrada. “There is a journalistic explanation: the Real Madrid players are very good.”

Yon Cuezva. “Real Madrid players are better than many have thought. The great players, in the great teams, must be measured in the great moments. Rodrygo, the first who has given a higher level than expected. Nacho, for example; Camavinga, who comes out stronger”.

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