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+ STILL IN PROGRESS | Fun and family exhibition at MIMA: thousands of Rubik’s Cubes assembled by artist Invader to (re)compose famous paintings and pop culture figures (until 8/01/2023). Very nice scholarly treasure hunt with “Luminopolis” at the Museum of Natural Sciences : will you run faster than light? (until 08/13/2023) Other family exhibition: smell the princely comfort of royal trains at Train World (until 01/22/2023). Fly away in a Hangar transformed into an aviary to the superb photo exhibition Birds ” in Ixelles (until 17/12).

Small and already hairy

This weekend in Brussels, Petit Poilu, small theaters and big cars
©Pierre Bailly – Céline Fraipont – CBBD

Petit Poilu, he has a dream “metro-work-sleep” life. In the morning, he gets up, goes to the bathroom, has lunch, then leaves for work. Except that the task, for him, is to discover a new world each time he slams the door after the maternal kiss. He crosses forests, crosses snow-capped peaks, stuffs himself with sweets, spades, flies away, climbs, falls… And always ends up returning home. Something to reassure the kids, who can follow it from 3 years old. Until the CBBD which opens its walls to the mute hero of Pierre Bailly and Céline Fraipont, with a black face enhanced by a red nose. In this exhibition, your children will imitate Petit Poilu by crawling, running, jumping, while you learn more about the creative process of the authors. Not to mention a few videos since the little fly face is available in cartoon form. Incongruity: not a single speech bubble whitens the top of Petit Poilu’s boxes. A shame for a comic book museum.

+ ” downright hairy “, at the CBBD until 15/08/2023, rue des Sables at 1000 Brussels, from 5 to 12€.

Where is Renee?

This weekend in Brussels, Petit Poilu, small theaters and big cars
©Pieter De Poortere

Do you remember Charly, this slender character in the red and white striped sweater who travels the world through pages of books where he is rarely alone (to put it mildly)? If you had fun unearthing it in decors teeming with details, you will be happy to learn that Brussels now has an equivalent (without text): it is Renée, little girl imagined by the designer Pieter De Poortere. If the heroine is called Renée, it is obviously to pay homage to Magritte. Because it is in Brussels that she roams, from the Marolles to the Palais de Justice, passing through the dino or comic book museums, the Grand-Place or the Cinquantenaire. This hypnotic seek-and-find in several dozen paintings is exhibited in the Parc de Bruxelles until 22 November. A good opportunity to walk there. Between trams and art nouveau buildings, your children will also have to find Eddy Merckx, Manneken Pis or the famous son of Magritte’s Man. As well as hundreds of other characters (Toots, Kompany, Mathilde, Quick and Flupke…), objects or buildings in Brussels.

+ “Expo Renée”, at the Parc de Bruxelles (Parc Royal) until November 22, free.

Small theaters and Puss in Boots

This weekend in Brussels, Petit Poilu, small theaters and big cars
©Hall Gate Museum

The Halle Gate will no longer be the museum we know: it may be on sale soon. Take the opportunity to climb it. This weekend is held there a “Day of the Arts for children”. The current exhibition plunges you into the magical world of small paper theaters, popular toys in 19th century families. A guide to match awaits you, who is none other than Puss in Boots. It is around this delightfully nostalgic exhibition that this family Sunday revolves: the children will make pop-up theatres, mobiles, finger puppets or even a revolving theatre. Investigations with Cinderella or Aladdin will take you up and down the many steps of the old prison. But fortunately, a family bar, a worthy heir to the garrison district of the second city wall, awaits you in the attic. Where a diorama show is also held (on registration the same day for two performances in French): from this small wooden theater escape phantasmagorical creatures. Finally, don’t forget to take the walkway: the view from up there over Saint-Gilles and the Marolles is worth the detour. What makes you want to invest?

+ ” Children’s Arts Days “, this Sunday, November 22 at the Porte de Hal from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., €12.

Tattoo included

This weekend in Brussels, Petit Poilu, small theaters and big cars
©Brussels Tattoo Convention

This is undoubtedly THE most fashionable aesthetic trend: tattoos are available at all ages, on all corners of the skin. We will realize it again at the Brussels Tattoo Convention this weekend. At Tour & Taxis, dozens of dermograph artists arrive from England, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and of course Belgium. Competitions, in black, shades of gray or colors, S or XL, will decide between them, with the obligation to present a work produced on site. As the world of tattooing is not limited to carving your skin, shows will punctuate the three days: custom cars and motorcycles, concerts, skateboarding, graffiti, pyrotechnics, Japanese bondage, and even arm wrestling contests!

+ ” Brussels Tattoo Convention “, from November 18 to 20, 2022 at Tour & Taxis, from €12 to €20.

5 Ferraris, but not for the price of one

This weekend in Brussels, Petit Poilu, small theaters and big cars

The “big 5” of Ferrari are the 5 legendary models of the Maranello brand: 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari. This downright magical quintet worth more than 10 million euros is exhibiting this weekend at the 7th Interclassics fair for the 75th anniversary of the prancing horse. The meeting place for collectors also winks at the Francorchamps team, a Belgian team that raced Italian racing cars dressed in their now iconic chick yellow dress. Another anniversary celebrated at Heysel: 50 years of BMW Motorsport and its famous blue and red stripes on white bodywork. Mechanical enthusiasts will find an excuse to fill their smartphone anyway: an art gallery, scale models, “art cars” and many automobile clubs are announced, all keen on legendary models and eager to make them roar to your ears.

+ ” Interclassics Classic Car Show Brussels 2022 “, at Brussels Expo until November 20, 2022, from €16 to €20, free for children under 12.

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