Thomas De Gendt is also more than likely to be on the road for BK: "Ninety percent chance that I will not drive"


After Wout van Aert, Thomas De Gendt will more than likely also cancel for Sunday’s BC. He is struggling with an ankle injury and is due for a break after a grueling Giro and Tour of Switzerland. “With last year in mind, I have to listen to my body.”

Jan-Pieter De Vlieger

Thomas De Gendt will ride the Belgian Championship time trial in Gavere today. Logical, since he lives nearby in Semmerzake and designed the course himself. But sports expectations are very low.

“I don’t have much hope for it,” he says. “I just did a round during the reconnaissance and I could barely pedal high wattages. It is mainly out of honor that I do participate. A top ten might be realistic, that’s all.”

De Gendt has two problems at the same time. The most acute is a strained tendon in the ankle, sustained in the Tour de Suisse. “Steps work,” he says. “But the typical movement when cycling hurts. We are afraid that it would become inflammation because I am overcompensating somewhere.”

Add to that that De Gendt comes from a very tough program, with the Giro and the Tour of Switzerland one after the other. “After the Giro I was already tired,” he says. “After Switzerland it was all over. At this point it is time for rest. Actually, I’m already working on that: I haven’t cycled in the past five days.”

De Gendt does not want to continue until the Belgian Championships on Sunday: “Ninety percent chance that I will not start. It is simply not a good idea to drive 200 kilometers with the ankle injury. In addition, I will leave on July 1 on an altitude internship for the Vuelta. If I add the BC, I only had four days of rest. With last year in mind (when De Gendt was struggling with burn out, ed.) I now have to listen to my body.”

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