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The gymnast had a particular confession about the interactions he achieves on social networks.

Tomás González in Textual Game.
© Channel 13Tomás González in Textual Game.

The most awarded gymnast in Chilean sports, Tomas Gonzalezwas the most recent guest on the Channel 13 program text gamemoment in which he had a particular confession about the reasons why you were being asked to make an account on the adult subscription site OnlyFans.

On television, González talked animatedly with Katty Kowaleczko, Tita Ureta, Begoña Basauri, María Jimena Pereyra, Pepi Velasco, Chiqui Aguayo, Rayén Araya and Yazmín Vásquez.

He talked about his family, his relationship with the public and even an imminent retirement. But given a moment, the program hosted by Sergio Lagos led to the hilarious confession of the athlete.

Why was Tomás González asked for an OnlyFans?

At one point in the program, Tita Ureta asked the audience if Tomás had received indecent proposals, the reaction was that 92% believed so.

“Everything has come to me: women, men, older, younger”González explained, although he warned that he never responds and when videos or photos arrive, he does not open them.

Of course, the gymnast highlighted that he is struck by the fact that there are many off-color comments about a part of his body.

“There is a fixation with my feet. Every time I upload barefoot photos there are many direct messages”, counted. Before that Tita confessed that the same thing happens to her, and that they have even offered her 5 million pesos for photos of her feet.

Then, Tomás launched with the unexpected confession: “My friends tell me to make an Only Fan of my feet to earn money”he held between laughs.

But he immediately clarified that he has never really thought about it, because “It’s not my thing, I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I feel that mine goes for sports”.

Likewise, when asked about his photos on social networks where he is modeling, the high-performance athlete pointed out that he feels comfortable posing.

“I like the theme of fashion. I think it suits me. I haven’t modeled, but I do have fashion photos. And if they offer me a campaign, happy”admitted Tomás González.

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