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Thursday is the key day: all the details of the meeting between Ricardo Gareca and Juan Carlos Oblitas

"This does not end here": Pedro Gallese spoke after the defeat in the playoff

Final whistle at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. Australia won 5-4 in the penalty shootout Peruvian National Team and thus he got his classification to Qatar. Throughout the country, on the field and on the bench of the bicolor there were many disjointed faces and a series of laments. And in the midst of all that sorrow, uncertainty also took over to know the future of Ricardo Gareca, who has already finished his contract at Videna: “This is not the time to talk about it. I can only express my pain, that of the boys. These types of decisions have to be analyzed calmly.”

sport learned that the meeting between Ricardo Gareca, his technical command and Juan Carlos Oblitas will be given on Thursday. In it, it will be analyzed if it is possible for the DT to continue on the bench. All possible scenarios are going to be considered to see how viable it is to continue with one more process, where the ideal would be for the sports structure that accompanied the roads to Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 to be sustained. Yes, they point to the same goal.

The results are obvious: qualifying for a World Cup after 36 years, two Copa América up to the semifinals, and in 2019 fighting for the same title with Brazil, at the Maracaná Stadium itself.

Now, although there is a will to return to the path of both parties, for the ‘Tiger’ -as it has already repeated in more than one conference- there are two key points that it evaluates: the regenerational change and, of course, that end the informality around our football.

The position of the FPF on Gareca

“We don’t have any plan B, while we still have the conversation with Professor Ricardo. There is no additional plan”Agustín Lozano told the media a few hours ago from the facilities of the Jorge Chávez International Airport.

At the closing, in relation to the same matter regarding the permanence of Ricardo Gareca, the director of the FPF maintained that “The Federation will be very responsible and professional in making a decision for the well-being of football and above all for the tranquility and happiness of the country”he ruled in this regard.

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