Anthony Gabriels (Sp. Tisselt) tries to stop Berg en Dal attacker Sander Vereijken.

Anthony Gabriels (Sp. Tisselt) tries to stop Berg en Dal attacker Sander Vereijken. © Mpics

Tisselt lost the topper at Berg en Dal with the smallest difference and has to give up the leading position for the time being. The visitors, however, delivered a solid performance. The game remained exciting until the last minute. “We have proven once again that we can handle the level,” said captain Thomas Cortebeek.

Mark Kempen

“We knew in advance that it would not be easy”, captain Thomas Cortebeek opens after the whistle. “Berg en Dal is therefore a very strong opponent. That early opening goal was of course a disappointment. We were still looking for the right positioning. We gave away some space and that was mercilessly punished. That showed the class of Berg en Dal. We immediately regrouped and after that we were the counterpart of the home team. Occasionally we also created a goal threat.”

After the break, Tisselt emphatically went looking for the equalizer. Cortebeeck: “During the break we decided that we would give our full shot in the second half. I thought we had the best of the game for a long time. Unfortunately, we had to take a second hit ourselves, albeit on a stationary phase. But even after that, heads didn’t go down.”

Cortebeeck and co. had a final offensive in store. “We played all or nothing and also sent Van Dorst into the attack. We were really dangerous in the last minutes. That also resulted in Sweeck’s penalty goal. Unfortunately, that connection goal came too late. Berg en Dal defended stubbornly and took the victory over the finish line. That’s a pity, but losing to this title favorite is no drama. We proved once again that we can handle the level of first provincial. Especially if you can put the heat on a team like Berg en Dal.” Tisselt has now lost the leading position. “With that first place we lived a bit above our means. Nobody expected that. We really didn’t start floating ourselves. Our objective remains unchanged. First and foremost we want to gather enough points to secure our keep. Everything that comes with it is a bonus.”

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