Tiziano Gravier before being operated on again.

Titian Gravierthe Olympic skier and son of Valeria Mazza, returned to compete after being almost two months off the track for the assault he suffered at the exit of a bowling alley. And his return came accompanied by a podium: reached second place in the Giant Slalom of the Chapelco stage of the South American Cup.

“Luckily, it went quite well for me. Today was the first round of the South American Circuit and I finished second. The same, for me, the most important thing was to enjoy the day, to be competing and to be back in the snow, skiing, which is what I like to do the most,” the 20-year-old told SportsCenter (ESPN).

Gravier had been beaten to death by two men outside a bowling alley in Rosario. The attacks caused him to fracture his jaw and he had to undergo surgery twice. In the first, it was specifically to correct his fracture; but days later, the doctors detected that he also had a fissure in another part of the same area, for which he had to be operated on again.

Tiziano Gravier before being operated on again.

“At first it was a downturn, more than anything because it was a situation where I did not choose to be, but I had to live. I had two operations, but luckily everything went well. Now I have two titanium plates in place that allow me to play sports again. The first month was quite complicated, but in the sixth week they told me that I could do activities with an impact, so I was able to travel to Bariloche to start training with the National Team and we started competing,” said Gravier.

First place went to Chilean Nicolas Pirozzi Mayer, while third place went to Argentine Tomás Birkner.

What happened to the attackers of Tiziano Gravier

The two attackers of Tiziano Graver, arrested.  (Photo: Clarin)

The two attackers of Tiziano Graver, arrested. (Photo: Clarin)

The two attackers of Tiziano Gravier, aged 26 and 27, were detained for a month. They admitted guilty of the act and opted, together with the Gravier family, to sign an abbreviated trial. Over there, a fine of 100,000 pesos was determined that each one must pay for their part and a conditional sentence of three years in prison; that is, they are granted freedom, but under certain restrictions.

In exchange for freedom, the aggressors must take a course at INADI for discriminationthey will not be able to attend bowling alleys nor consume alcohol, and they will not be allowed near Titian for the next four years. If any of these guidelines are not met, they will be sent to prison and will serve the imposed sentence.

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