"To do nothing would be irresponsible": Van Quickenborne defends his plan to release detainees 6 months in advance

The most dangerous criminals, such as terrorists and sex offenders, for example, are excluded from the project. However, this would not be an automatic measure, but a favor that could be granted to prisoners. This measure had already been applied during the coronavirus crisis to preserve prisons, which had led to the release of some 200 prisoners in 2020.

“There are 9,500 places for more than 11,000 detainees. To do nothing would be irresponsible, it is a moral obligation”, explained the minister before recalling that these prisoners would have served most of their sentence.

The N-VA, joined by the VB, harshly criticized the minister. She criticized him for his repeated announcements in the fight against impunity without actions following words. “People sentenced to a sentence of up to 10 years are not saints. What must the victims think? What is your word still worth?”, Launched Sofie De Wit (N-VA).

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