Today's horoscope, November 24, according to the tarot: predictions for Thursday about love, money and health

The horoscope presented below is valid only for today, Thursday, November 24. according to your Zodiac sign, the stars could have favored you in the next hours or days, as you well know. Are you emboldened to know your prediction for this day? Do not miss this great opportunity. Whatever sign you are, don’t stop being aware of your future, in terms of love, money and health.


The planets say that for the sign of Aries, this day will be as calm as possible around the second quarter, as long as you do not have outstanding financial debts. Also, beware of topics about impatience because this will make you want to have everything under control ahead of time. Don’t stop anything and let everything take its course.


Do not be too obsessed with the start of that project, no matter how much capital you have invested, because I remind you that you still have six months to make it a reality. As long as you plan how to do it and where you are going to get more money from (the most important thing), you are doing well. It’s just that I know you, and then you start to get overwhelmed before your time for no apparent reason.


Now it is OK. That friend/girlfriend, that weird mess you have and that doesn’t lead anywhere, has to end. Why? Because you’re not having a good time. Friend, realize. You are again prioritizing the well-being of others to your own and that is not right. It will be difficult at first, but ask for help from your closest loved ones to help you when the defenses go down.


The best thing about living above good and evil is that you always win when others end up in drama. This day, of course, will be like that, because you will go beyond answering those ‘crushes’ who have been opening up conversations for a while, with the sole objective of having a date with you.


When it comes to a Virgo trying to trust someone again, are you sure you’re going to be able to do it? Are you sure you’re not going to have the fly behind your ear all the time? If not, go ahead: that person deserves another chance. But if you are going to be scratched, it is much better that you turn the page and close the door.


You are going to be distracted today. Pisces has that effect on you and, if on top of that, Mars and Venus gradually approach the sign, then turn it off and let’s go! I ask you to be careful about things as simple as not cutting your finger cooking or not tripping on the street. Nobody likes to be lying for a week with their leg raised by looking at their mobile.


The relationship with your friends is better than ever, so don’t hesitate to spend the day making plans with them and improvising many others. The vibes of Aquarius will lead you to it and I assure you that what is not organized will end up becoming the best moments of your life. Love may even call to your shell.


A day full of surprises awaits you, dear friend of the Sagittarius sign. You should pay attention to those little things that can make it difficult for you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, and put a stop to them before they become a real problem that prevents you from moving forward. You can!


Welcome to your emotional drought known as: you are not going to interfere in any love issue because you prefer not to complicate your life. That’s fine, of course, as long as it’s what you really want to do and it’s not a ploy to get your ex out of your mind. It’s okay, we’ve all done it, but it’s better to manage emotions.


All the planets are on your side, enhancing your virtues, but also your defects. You will see which part of you you want to exploit, because the relationship with your friends this week depends on the way you want to be. I recommend that you take out that adventurous part that people like. They will all have a great time together.


This day it will be difficult for you to feel at home, even if your season is the predominant one, since the planets make your mind a thousand and one question at a time. Mars will make you go through absolutely everything and Venus will not give rise to relationships being consolidated. Nothing happens. In just a few days you can get on your cloud and not get off.


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