Today's horoscope: predictions by the stars for your sign for this Friday, November 18, 2022

Today’s horoscope reveals what the stars have in store for you this Friday, November 18, 2022. In the following video, made available in partnership with Virtual horoscope with Bolavip Brasil, it is also possible to see the mood of the day. Check it out below!

mood of the day

Today we have that sky that “talks” about fears, confusion, lies, fraud, distortions, illusions, emotional addictions, addictions, depression and boredom… But believe me: the sky is repairing, but it takes time for us to see the truth that is there. under the nose… Tomorrow, I see a good day to see the truth, to separate it from the lies that present themselves today. But as every truth results in liberation, unfortunately not everyone agrees with heaven. But that’s how it is… One day at a time! Carefully analyze what is happening in your life and always, always believe in the best!


Don’t allow emotional turmoil to distract you from your daily activities. Thoughts, as well as contact with some people, may be hurting you. Contrary to what I see, it can involve sacrifices to take care of a sick person. Whatever it is, change your routine and reorganize your life.


Be careful not to create expectations and fears about situations that are concrete and that are supported by law or documents. This experience has been affecting your self-esteem and asks you for more coherence and contact with reality. The best thing to do is to let go and connect with what is essential.


The influence of family and feelings that were repressed will no longer be able to continue in the same way. Heaven asks you to change your posture and promote a more intimate healing with yourself. Seek to make an intimate reform about new postures that should be exercised from now on.


You have been keeping a secret or distorted information comes from close people, which asks you for wisdom to interact with some people. Cancerian, seek to assess the situation with ethics and discernment. Each one gives what they can, but that cannot stop them from doing what is right.


A situation may prove stagnant in the financial sector. Heaven asks for emotional skills to assess the steps that need to be taken in relation to a project or a group of people. It is necessary to give special attention to documents, but there are major obstacles in its trajectory. Take care as a group of people can influence you.


The day challenges you to take a more direct and assertive attitude. However, be careful with the way you have been dealing with people and, above all, with the way you have been seeing a person or a situation. Bad judgment or even a naive attitude can accentuate the challenges. So it’s a good day to evaluate how it’s possible to conduct a relationship.


Even if a situation is confusing and, in some way, hinders your productivity, heaven recommends that you take care of your soul and, if possible, withdraw or meditate. Spirituality is in charge of this situation you’ve been going through. So just log in and do your best.


I see some confusion surrounding a group of people or projects you might be working on. Scorpio, it is essential that you see this situation with more clarity and understanding, otherwise it could cause you more problems. The experience can involve very close friendships and romances.


A person is confused or lying to you. This situation can involve any figure that leaves you in a more vulnerable position. Heaven recommends that you consider the steps well, but also seek a deeper understanding of this person. Sagittarius, everything in life has its purpose and heaven is bringing you the truth.


You really can’t trust everyone who participates in your work routine or your socializing. There is a confusing situation here, which can accentuate gossip and comments that need a strategy and a way to be eliminated. The important thing is to pay more attention to what you say and process what you hear.


A financial situation may present itself and require you to mature in how you should proceed. Be careful with past issues that afflict self-esteem and also with financial movements that relate to children. Heaven asks you to let go of isolated issues so that everything can be resolved once and for all.


Beware of illusions and emotional dependencies surrounding family or a relationship. The experience can also be about two situations: relationship and family. Heaven has been asking you for wisdom to discern what is right to be done. This can generate a lot of emotional burnout. Enough of that, Pisces.

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