Today's horoscope: predictions by the stars for your sign for this Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Today’s horoscope reveals what the stars have in store for you this Friday, November 25, 2022. In the following video, made available in partnership with Virtual horoscope with Bolavip Brasil, it is also possible to see the mood of the day. Check it out below!

mood of the day

Today is a very busy day. The personal planets are in full swing, interacting with each other. Mercury and Venus are in conjunction in Sagittarius and the Moon makes an opposition with Mars. Think of a busy day! A conversation is positive to create a suitable movement for the resolution of specific issues. Let’s understand how all this affects your sign.


A conversation helps you understand how you can move forward with a project. It is an opportune day to take responsibility for a group of people or projects in which you are involved. Beware of anxiety. If you feel the need to express what you think, do it, because you will have to.


There are important decisions involving the financial sector. It could be settling accounts with people or some important investment for your current moment. On this day there will be the opportunity to resolve complex issues to strengthen your professional goals and commitments. Avoid procrastination.


A proposal for a company or partnership makes your day. There is a need to do everything right, taking into account the responsibilities involved. It is opportune that you position yourself, so that decisions are taken together. All this can also be designed for a love relationship.


It’s a very busy day, loaded with various appointments in your work routine. Beware of anxiety and conflicts that can affect employees, employees and service providers. Heaven asks for flexibility and efficiency to handle the responsibilities assumed. A job opportunity may present itself.


There is an interaction with friends that can result in some interesting invitations. I see in your chart more than one person interested in you or you in doubt about a romance. Be careful with love triangles. The day comes filled with information that helps you understand your feelings for a person.


A very close person can help you make a family decision or one directed at a property. The sky opens up for agreements, negotiations and contracts involving a property. The same astrological context also brings a movement in the family, such as an event or an important visit.


It’s a busy day, which could bring a meeting or important news. The need to express yourself is very strong, but you need to evaluate your words well to avoid fights and arguments. The same astrological context can bring a journey or displacements. It’s a day when you need to be extra careful in traffic.


The sky speaks of financial responsibilities, especially what surrounds the needs of the family or a property. You have to be careful with material impulses, and you need to assess priorities. Accounts payable and debts are also highlighted. If there is planning, everything will work out.


You will feel the need to communicate with an important person. Examine who that person might be. In this conversation, there is a level of seriousness and responsibilities are exposed. You are in the process of taking on important commitments, especially in marriage or in a partnership.


Today is one of those days when everything is hidden. A secret conversation or information circulates, with the purpose of helping you make new decisions, especially in the work environment. You plan in secret alongside a person. The path is open, but the responsibilities are high.


The graphic speaks of an invitation that comes from friends. That invitation can get you motivated, because either someone special will be there, or you’re about to meet someone very special. Accept the invitation! You are open to making an emotional commitment to a person who is very fond of you.


It’s a very busy day, as it comes loaded with important decisions, which outline a new phase in your journey. A conversation is positive to deal with matters that involve both family needs and also bring a new composition for your future or your career. Manage anxiety.

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