Top Chef, season 13: and the big winner is...

It’s the last straight line in Top chef on RTL-TVI. At the end of this final episode, we will know which of Louise Bourrat or Arnaud Delvenne will have won the thirteenth season of the prestigious culinary competition. The two finalists meet at the Palace Parision, George-V to prepare a final menu for 80 Red Cross volunteers, including its ambassador Adriana Karembeu, and the 4 jurors of the show, Philippe Etchebest, Paul Pairet, Glenn Viel and Helene Darroze.

Never two without three“, launches Hélène Darroze to Louise, her little protege. The chef with two Michelin stars and three stars in the United Kingdom hopes to win a third victory in Top chef. And by discovering the menu imagined by Louise, the juror has confidence. Marinated amberjack, veal chop and smoked eel, black garlic ice cream, everything looks under control. To achieve her goals, Louise surrounds herself with four men: Ellis, Thibaut, Ambroise, Pascal. Together they prepare dishes that will “tickle” with some “unusual flavors“.”We are not going to be in the little caress but in the uppercut‘, declares Louise, determined. “I’m ready, I know where I’m going“, adds the one who receives the support of Anne-Sophie Pic, the most starred woman chef in the world with 9 stars for all of her restaurants, and Dominique Crenn, the first woman in the United States to be awarded three stars in the Michelin Guide.

Proud of his origins, Arnaud, for his part, relies on a 100% Belgian menu. Mussels and fries, waterzooi, speculoos apples, his menu certainly spoke to Belgian viewers. The Liègeois surrounds himself with Lilian, Michael, Sébastien and Lucie. “It’s not a test that I apprehend“, launches the finalist who will cook under the gaze of his mother whose photo is in the kitchen. “On will find a bit of mom in the menu because it will tell about my youth, talk about my memories” The Belgian will however be destabilized by a small hiccup he did not expect: overcooked mussels. “You can’t go wrong with cooking your mussel, I’m sorry“, reframes his brigade leader, Glenn Viel. Fortunately, the situation quickly returned to normal. “It’s the mussel-fry who puts on her evening dress“, says Lilian.

It’s tasting time. Arnaud’s mussel and fries starter is a great success. Like Adriana Karembeu, some are looking for fries but who cares, “it’s very good“, recognizes the model. The very fresh entry of Louise also delights the taste buds of the guests.This is a very high level starter with a perfect Asian fusion“, declares a volunteer. The two finalists are neck and neck for this first stage.

“A Great Gentleman”

When the main course comes out, it gets stuck in the kitchen on Louise’s side. “I’m overwhelmed“, declares the young woman who is not accustomed to large banquets. Seeing her comrade losing the thread, Arnaud decides to lend a hand to everyone’s surprise. “When he does that, I just wanna get on my knees in front of him and kiss his feet“, confides Louise. The Belgian’s gesture is welcomed by the other candidates. “He is a great gentleman. I applaud“, declares Ambroise. In the end, the two main courses are sent and each in turn surprises the volunteers and the jurors. If Louise was unanimous with her veal chop and her eel, the Belgian has received many compliments but also critics, especially regarding the lack of taste of the condiment of his waterzooi.

For dessert, the entire brigades will be able to attend the chefs’ tasting. Arnaud’s “childhood memory” is “visually interesting“, according to Glenn Viel.”It’s something simple, tasty and controlled“, declares, meanwhile, Philippe Etchebest before qualifying the dessert as “reassuring“.”Success“, “extraordinary“, “heavy“, the compliments are pouring in from the volunteers as well. Louise, meanwhile, takes out her black garlic ice cream, a dessert a bit “abstract” as Paul Pairet defines it and above all audacious. “I find the dessert super interesting because super daring. (…) It is destabilizing“, launches Philippe Etchebest.

It was very difficult, more than I imagined“, explains Louise at the end of the final test. She then goes back to the precious help provided by Arnaud. “It touched me incredibly and it shows humility, the great man he is.

The leaders reveal their points. The four votes of the jury are in favor of Louise. “I really wanted to show how I was a fan of Louise, explains Hélène Darroze, who gave Louise 7 and Arnaud 3.”You have a boldness that sometimes I miss“, adds the starred chef to the finalist. Glenn Viel, chef de brigade of Arnaud, also praised the work of the Franco-Portuguese. “Louise did not fail, did not stumble. She stayed straighthe says before adding that “ça does not take away all the work that Arnaud has done.

This is the long-awaited moment, that of the lifting of the knives. Louise pulls the steel knife and is proclaimed big winner of this thirteenth season with 56.19% of the votes. It’s been ten years since a woman won Top chef. For his part, Arnaud pulls the orange knife and collects 43.81% of the vote.

Although he lost in the final, but he remained very fair. “I’m proud that Louise won Top chef. There are not enough women in the profession. She and I, we defended a just and noble cause“, thus commented in The last hour the Liégeois who does not feel disappointed. “I am quite relieved, happy and proud to have participated in this contest. I come out of it grown. I think Glenn Viel, my squad leader, is very happy too. I hope Belgium will be as proud as I was. A new life begins for me today.

“Top Chef” forever in the skin

To never forget this extraordinary adventure, almost all the candidates of this thirteenth season have had the word “thirteen” tattooed on part of their body by Louise. Only Lilian and Sébastien did not follow their comrades. “They didn’t want to do it because they don’t have it and didn’t want to. There is no problem with that”, explains the Franco-Portuguese chef in The Huffpost.

In the columns of TV 7 days, Hélène Darroze explains that she promised Louise to get a tattoo of three little stars if she wins. “I still made her the promise, maybe she will succeed in my keeping it!“, declares the starred chef who can therefore already make an appointment with the tattoo artist.

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