Sherjill Mac-Donald is the top scorer in the series with 19 goals.

Sherjill Mac-Donald is the top scorer in the series with 19 goals. © GOYVAERTS

Hooikt put Willebroekse over the knee 4-0 on Saturday. The home team was continuously the better team, but it took until the second half before it could really take distance. Top scorer Sherjill Mac-Donald was the star with three goals and an assist.

gino van looy

In the first half, the last pass often failed to reach the home team, or the goalkeeper was still in between. But after Sherjill Mac-Donald’s first goal, the spell was broken and it was another smooth victory for Hooit. “It wasn’t such an easy match for us,” Mac-Donald begins. “In the first half I constantly had three men in my back and we also played the long ball too much. Willebroekse mainly defended and there was no room in midfield. So we had to try it through the flanks and we also discussed that during the break. It went better in the second half.”

Mac-Donald scored a controversial first goal. “They said it was offside, but that’s not right, I just dove into his back at the right time. I had also seen the goalkeeper come out and lobbed him back. There wasn’t much thinking involved. (laughs) With the second goal I knew that Van Hemert couldn’t head on goal from that position and I was well positioned to extend him head in goal. In my third I thought I wouldn’t be able to get the ball, but from experience I know that it’s best to keep running to punish a possible miss from the defense and that happened. But let me be clear, this is not my victory, but that of the whole team.”

Example for youth

Mac-Donald has already scored 19 times this season and is the top scorer in the series, but he doesn’t care about that. “19? I didn’t even know that, I don’t care about that. I am 38, the time for chasing personal success is long gone. And because I don’t focus too much on how much I have to score, I manage better. I just love football and I’m willing to do a lot for it. To avoid injuries, I train a lot. Because I want to be an example for the youth, that’s why I also hunt on the field like this. We also have a very pleasant group and if everyone is sharp, a place in the top five should certainly be possible. We played a lesser match against Zwijndrecht, but otherwise we have not been outplayed by any team. Both me and the team have had a good season so far,” said Mac-Donald.

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