Transfer Market 2023: Learn about the ups and downs of the First Division squads

Although it still remains to be known which team will accompany Magallanes in the First Division in 2023, With Copiapó and Cobreloa being the options, there are not a few teams that are already planning next year and in this context the movements that have occurred in the market are not few, despite the fact that football will be stopped for more than a month due to the development of the Qatar World Cup.

Next, we invite you to know all the registrations and withdrawals of the teams that will participate next season in the 2023 National Championship.

Transfer market Chile 2023:

Colo Colo

Arrivals: Fernando de Paul, Ramiro González, Bryan Soto (returns from loan), César Fuentes (renewed), Óscar Opazo (renewed), Ignacio Jara (returns from loan)

Rumors: Bruno Barticciotto, Ignacio Jeraldino, Martín Rodríguez, Carlos Palacios, Leandro Benegas, Diego Rubio, Vicente Fernández, Alex Ibacache, Matías Catalán, Fabián Torres

Departures: Matías Zaldivia, Luciano Arriagada (Athletico Paranaense), Carlo Villanueva, Leandro Stilitano (Assistant), Omar Carabalí, Williams Alarcón (U. La Calera), Javier Parraguez (free). Gabriel Costa and Gabriel Suazo are out of contract, and Cristián Zavala is looking to leave to add minutes.

University of Chile

Arrivals: Juan Pablo Gomez.

Rumors: Marcelo Díaz, Brahian Alemán, Zacarías López, Bayron Oyarzo, Ronald de la Fuente, Fabián Torres for coach Mariano Soso, Juan José Ribera and Miguel Ángel Russo sound like.

Departures: Alvaro Brun, Junior Fernandes. Pablo Aránguiz, Jeisson Vargas, Ronnie Fernández, Felipe Seymour, Nahuel Luján and Marcelo Cañete could leave.

Catholic University

Arrivals: Alexander Aravena (returns from loan)

Rumors: Eugenio Mena (Racing), Guillermo Burdisso

Departures: José Pedro Fuenzalida, Germán Lanaro, Luciano Aued and Yamil Asad. Sebastián “Carrot” Pérez could leave

Italian Audax

Arrivals: Nicolás Fernandez (renewal), Manuel Fernández (DT)

Rumors: sebastian stop

Departures: Juan Jose Ribera (DT), Diego Torres (D. Temuco)


Arrivals: Jorge Deschamps (renewal), Nelson Sepúlveda (renewal), Sebastián Silva (renewal), Marcelo Jorquera (renewal) Gustavo Huerta (DT – renewal), Gastón Lezcano (renewal), Alejandro Camargo (renewal), Guillermo Pacheco (renewal), Francisco Alarcón (renewal), Leandro Requena (renewal)

Departures: Óscar Salinas, Juan Carlos Gaete, Mauro González, Cecilio Waterman (U. de Concepción)

United Coquimbo


Rumors: Darío Melo, Ignacio González, Fernando Cornejo and Jorge Henríquez.

Departures: Gonzalo Jara, Gerardo Gordillo, Felipe Yañez.

United Curico

Arrivals: Damián Múñoz (DT-renewal), Mario Sandoval (renewal), Yerko Leiva (renewal)

Rumors: marco collao

Departures: Juan Pablo Gómez (U. of Chile), José “Pepe” Rojas


Arrivals: Rodrigo Echeverría (renewal), Francisco Meneghini (DT-renewal), Juan Cuevas (renewal), Julio Barroso (renewal), Felipe Campos (renewal), Franco Torgnascioli.

Rumors: Carlo Villanueva (Colo Colo), Matias Zaldivia (Colo Colo), Bryan Carvallo

Departures: Fernando de Paul (Colo Colo), Cesar Valenzuela, John Salas, Pedro Campos, Fernando Saavedra


Arrivals: Gustavo Alvarez (DT)

Rumors: sebastian saez

Departures: Mario Salas (DT)



Departures: Luis Jimenez (retired)


Arrivals: Patricio Rubio (renewal)

Rumors: Pablo Aránguiz (University of Chile),

Departures: Alexander Aravena (returns to U. Católica), Fernando Cordero



Rumors: Juan Jose Riberta (DT)

Departures: Mariano Soso (DT)


Arrivals: Pablo “Vitamina” Sánchez (DT), Bruno Barticciotto (purchase of the pass), Maxi Salas (renewal), Benjamín Rojas (renewal), José Bizama (renewal), Ariel Martínez (renewal)

Rumors: Ignacio González, Sebastián “Carrot” Pérez, Gonzalo Collao

Departures: Gustavo Costas (DT), daniel sappa

Spanish Union

Arrivals: Ronald Fuentes (DT)

Rumors: Marcelo Diaz, Carlos Palacios

Departures: Gustavo Canales (DT)

La Calera Union

Arrivals: Gerardo Ameli (DT), Bryan Carvallo (returns from loan)

Rumors: Omar Carabalí (Colo Colo), Sebastián Parada

Departures: Sebastián Sáez, Federico Vilar (DT)

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