Tribute to Jean-Denys Boussart in Outremeuse

While the August 15 festivities in Outremeuse started this Saturday with the traditional flea market, and as part of its 150th anniversary, the literary society “Le Royal Caveau Liégeois” paid tribute to Jean-Denys Boussart by affixing a plaque commemorative on the facade of the Tchantchès & Nanesse tavern, rue Grande-Bêche.

Jean-Denys Boussart, who died 5 years ago, was a figure of folklore in Outremeuse. He was president of the Royal Caveau Liégeois from 1975 to 2017.

We are, in a way, smugglers of memory, culture and the Walloon language“, explains Janine Salembien, president of the Royal Caveau Liégeois. “Jean-Denys Boussart was a main actor, he was our president for nearly 50 years and the Caveau owes him a lot. It is a deserved tribute that takes place within the framework of our 150th anniversary“.

This plaque in homage to Jean-Denys Boussart was placed on the facade of the Tchantchès & Nanesse tavern because it is there that “Le Royal Caveau Liégeois” holds its meetings.

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