Triple accident in Souvret: one of the cars caught fire after the shock!  (Update)

Wednesday evening, the accidents were chained in Souvret (Courcelles): around 9 p.m., rue Paul Janson, a BMW which was heading towards Fontaine-l’Evêque veered to the left to turn into a perpendicular street. An Audi coming up behind her did not see that the driver was stopping to turn and rammed him from behind. Following the impact, the BMW started to catch fire, the driver was able to get out of his vehicle in extremis, but despite the combined efforts of several people, armed with fire extinguishers, the flames continued even more… the BMW, empty and in flames, then began to advance towards a field before coming to a stop there.

At the same time, a third vehicle coming from Fontaine-l’Evêque did not see the damaged Audi, without lights and in the middle of the road, and hit it head-on.

Jumet firefighters were sent to the scene, with an ambulance and an SMUR. The driver of the BMW had to be taken care of and transported to a hospital. Observation: local police of Trieux. Convenience store: Montebello.

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