Two greats on the verge of relegation, Hungary towards the final four...

A two days before the end of the first phase of the Nations League, few, if any, would have opted for the scenario that is discovered in many cases in the ‘First Division’ of the tournament. The reigning champion Franceand one of the great contenders, England, have said goodbye to their options to enter the Final Four and live more pending to avoid relegation. Disappointments, how could it be otherwise, are followed by surprises. Denmark Y hungary they have many options to get into that final phase.

Group 1: France in trouble and Denmark believes it

Undoubtedly the biggest surprise of the entire championship is the delicate situation of the reigning champion. France’s defeat against Croatia leaves Deschamps’ men on the verge of relegation. The ‘bleus’ will have to win in Saint Denis, where their matches count for losses, against Austria if they don’t want to lose the category. And while, Denmark and Croatia will play for first place on the penultimate day to try to confirm their presence in the Final Four on the last day.

What’s left….

Matchday 5: Croatia – Denmark / France – Austria

Matchday 6: Austria – Croatia / Denmark – France

Except for an unexpected last-minute turnaround, Spain and Portugal will play in Portuguese territory on the last day for a place in the Final Four. After a hesitant start, Luis Enrique’s men are the ones who have everything in their favor to achieve it. Winning Switzerland at home guarantees that with a draw in Portugal they will finish first in the group.

What’s left….

Matchday 5: Czech Republic – Portugal / Spain – Switzerland

Matchday 6: Portugal – Spain / Switzerland – Czech Republic

Group 3: Hungary embarrass England

In this group there is still a lot at stake but the only thing that seems clear is that England will suffer to avoid losing the category. His double loss to Hungary (blushing at Wembley this Tuesday) leaves them last in the group and with two days in which they will have to bring out their best version in two very complicated games against Italy, away, and Germany, at home.

What’s left….

Matchday 5: Germany – Hungary / Italy – England

Matchday 6: England – Germany / Hungary – Italy

Group 4: Belgium has it very difficult

The convincing defeat on the first day against the Netherlands leaves Belgium with little chance of finishing in the Final Four. He must attack the ‘oranje’ in front of his public on the last day and hope that Poland will do him a favor beforehand on the penultimate date of this first phase.

What’s left….

Matchday 5: Belgium – Wales / Poland – Netherlands

Matchday 6: Netherlands – Belgium / Wales – Poland

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