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The German Formula 1 driver Nico Hülkenberg (2nd from left) is filmed by a camera team for the series “Drive to Survive”. © Frank Augstein/AP/dpa

The Netflix hit series “Drive to survive” about events in Formula 1 will be continued with two more seasons. The racing series and streaming giant confirmed the extension of their collaboration ahead of the premiere of the Miami Grand Prix.

Miami – The four seasons of the documentary series so far have been an important factor in the rapidly growing success of Formula 1 in the important US market. The fast-paced streaming hit traces one season per season and has made Formula 1 popular with a younger audience.

The fourth season that was last filmed in the pre-season has reached the largest audience so far, the message said. The series made it into the weekly charts of the ten most-watched offers in 56 countries.

The new seasons are intended to show the World Cup years 2022 and 2023 and allow many glimpses behind the scenes. The next season will be released next year. “With the series, Formula 1 produces and transports stories, communicates with a new target group and thus also overlaps with a large number of fans,” said industry expert Lars Stegelmann, Head of Marketing at Motorsport Network, the German Press Agency.

But there is also criticism of the way “Drive to survive” is made. The producers were accused of exaggerating the situation and inventing rivalries that don’t exist. World champion Max Verstappen was therefore no longer available for interviews and insights. “I’m not a fan of drama, I want facts and things that really happen,” said the Red Bull driver. dpa

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