Typh Barrow, coach of The Voice Belgium, is going through a bad patch: "My health is taking a bit of a hit"

She told her followers that she was going through a bad patch right now.

The coach of The Voice Belgium explained that she was less present on her social networks for the moment. “I’m going through a funny period with my health, which is a bit affected by the backlash of the tour and a rather low energy that I don’t want you to feel”she wrote.

Aged 35, she admits that she is physically and mentally devastated by the energy she put into the tours. “It is in these moments that it is important to welcome, to tell ourselves that we have the right to be out, to thank this body that I have put to the test of stress, to disconnect a little.”

But it does not remain full of projects for the start of the school year. “In the meantime, I’m trying to reconnect with my piano and my creative energy in order to be able to work on the sequel this summer and deliver lots of pretty things to you at the start of the school year.”

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