UFC 274: after Charles do Bronx loses lightweight belt, fighters report balance is out of balance

Charles do Bronx surprised UFC fans. That’s because the fighter didn’t make weight on the third attempt and was disqualified, losing his lightweight belt on the scales. However, according to fighters and event participants, the digital scale provided by the organization, which was used by the fighters, would be out of calibration on the eve of the official weigh-in.

According to those present, the scale was recalibrated this Friday morning (6). According to the athletes, there was a difference between 200g and 300g in relation to what was recorded the day before. This, then, caused many fighters to restart their weight cuts and race to beat the category limit in a two-hour window given by the athletic commission.

According to Combat, published in G1, a source close to one of the athletes selected in the UFC, an employee of the organization reported an error in the scale, which went wrong during the early hours of Thursday to Friday:

When it was this morning, dawn, we were told that the scale had been moved and that it was reading wrong, and that now it had been corrected and the scale was reading right. I even asked the UFC employee: “So she was scoring wrong all week? We weighing wrong?” He said: “no, it was only wrong this morning, that someone tinkered with the scales”. (…) By my count, I thought it was half a kilo of difference to more (after it was settled), but I couldn’t be sure (…). But he could have been wrong all week, I can’t tell.

On her Twitter profile, the strawweight Ariane Sorriso also warned about the error in the scale provided by the UFC. In Combat, Diego Lima, Charles’s main coach, assured that Bronx went to sleep with the weight beaten, which was checked on the organization’s conference balance. The surprise, however, was at the official weigh-in:

We went to sleep at the weight, we checked the weight on the scale that the organization leaves downstairs, all OK. When we went this morning, I was overweight. We even posted yesterday (Thursday) that he went to sleep with weight, because that’s really what happened. You are witnesses of this, Charles never stopped hitting the weights after he went up to 70kg. Even when it wasn’t the belt, he beat underweight, didn’t use the pound of tolerance. If I’m going to keep talking, they’ll think it’s an excuse, but the truth is, we posted yesterday that he hit the weight well. He hit the weights and went to sleep.

Brazilian Norma Dumont, who would also be at UFC 274, was also overweight – the only other fighter. Dumont also scored 0.5lb (200g) overweight. To Combate, she reported that the problem was with the scales and that she was not the only one to suffer from it:

F*** everyone. My scale in my room, last night, was reading 5lb and I was going to do another cutting session, but I went down to check the UFC scale and it was only 3lb left. I said, ok, my scale is wrong, I live traveling to Brazil and sometimes it gets out of balance. But this morning, I went to do the weight cut, I went downstairs and the same thing happened, it was 6 am. It was 7 am, the UFC doctor knocked here in the room and warned: “Look, they changed the scale, we had to recalibrate it and it went up 2lb”. Two pounds is almost a kilo. We took as much as possible, it was the first UFC where I saw so many people coming down to weigh 10:30 and everyone was really bad, because people thought they were 1kg under.

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