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Union players ‘extremely disappointed’ after defeat against Club: ‘We have killed ourselves’

Union players 'extremely disappointed' after defeat against Club: 'We have killed ourselves'

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“Extremely disappointed”, said Union defender Christian Burgess after his team went down for the second time in a few days against Club Brugge. Team mate Dante Vanzeir established in front of the cameras of Eleven Sports that his club “has killed itself” in the play-offs.

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Vanzeir: “Efficiency and details are killing us”

Dante Vanzeir: “Disappointment reigns. The weather wasn’t bad, we had enough chances to take the win. The efficiency and details are killing us in the play-offs. We can be proud of our season. There is still a water chance, if Club would lose twice. But that chance is small. We didn’t have championship luck. It’s a frut goal they score, and it just fell again today. I have many feelings, but few words. We’ve been doing well all season, scoring a lot of goals. We will kill ourselves in the play-offs. It’s a pity, but it is now. The season has been fantastic. We want to finish the last two games with a good feeling. At the end I had cramps and unfortunately I couldn’t help the team anymore.”


Burgess: “I’m proud of all the boys”

Christian Burgess: “I am extremely disappointed. It was a good fight, the red card changed the game. If you want to become champion, you will have to beat the defending champion. That didn’t work for us. I have yet to review Machida’s offense. But those things happen in football. Even at ten, I still believed we would come back. I am proud of all the boys. They gave everything. Sunday we go full again. There are still two matches. I don’t think they’re going to miss any points. But it ain’t about ’til the fat lady sings. Oh, sorry, is it appropriate to say that?”



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