Blues and Crusaders met their rivals to debut in the 2022 Chile Cup.

This Tuesday the third round of the Chile Cup was drawn and both the Romantic Traveler and the Cruzados knew the rival they will face in their respective premieres in the tournament, but the most interesting thing is that if they advance they could star in a new university classic.

© Agency OneBlues and Crusaders met their rivals to debut in the 2022 Chile Cup.

Once the first round of the National Championship is over, the third phase of the Chilean Cup 2022an instance that this Tuesday, May 10, had its draw and among the 32 participating teams, both University of Chile What Catholic University they met the rival they will face to debut.

The Romantic traveler will start its participation in the competition organized by the National Association of Professional Football facing General Velasquez of the Second Division, where the first match will have to be played as a visitor while it will be their turn to close the key at home.

Crusadersmeanwhile, will reach the round of 16 to face Union San Felipe of the First B and make their debut in the tournament, where they will also have to play the first leg as a visitor and the second leg as a local, duels for which there is already a defined date.

And it is that the keys of Copa Chile are scheduled to begin to be played when the first half of the National Championship comes to an end, so the first leg matches will be played between June 18 and 19, while the return matches will be will take place between the 25th and 26th.

However, the most striking of all is what could happen later in the event that the cast directed by Sebastián Miranda and the pupils of Ariel Holan continue to advance, since could be a new college classic.

If UC defeats San Felipe, they will have to face the winner of the key between Audax Italiano and San Antonio Unido to access the quarterfinals, an instance where they could collide with U if the blues leave General Velásquez on the road and then they defeat whoever keeps the key between Cobresal and Barnechea.

Thus, for now, Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica will continue to focus on their respective performances in the final dates of the first round of the National Championship to reach the debut of the Copa Chile in the best possible way, and if they are not surprisingly eliminated, they could give a cross between the two in the phase of the eight best.

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